DIY How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Nov 20, 2020
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You guys asked for it so I tried my best to deliver! I wanted to keep it as real as possible and hope you are thoroughly entertained through the misery of this tedious but totally effective way to update any space with outdated cabinets. Thank you Acorn TV for sponsoring another episode! Truly appreciate your love and support xx.
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00:00 Before
02:03 Sand Them Down
05:42 Clean and Strip
10:33 Wipe Down After Wash
13:23 Acorn TV Sponsorship
15:09 Painting Interior
15:36 Painting Fronts
18:19 Tease for Part 3 Kitchen Makeover
21:43 Installing Them Back On
23:35 Reveal

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Black circle knobs:
“Double Duty” in Satin finish for cabinets:
Small foam roller:
Spray stripper:
After wash:
Trim brush:
Chemical gloves:
Finishing pads:
Finishing pads:
Sharp edge painters tape:
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  • You guys owe me two new arms, shoulders, hands and fingers after this but here is my truthful DIY process of painting outdated cabinets xx.

    Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz3 months ago
    • We love it Rachel, oh please dont be so hard to yourself❤️

      Caren R SabatinaCaren R Sabatina3 months ago

      CultmanCultman3 months ago
    • I have learned so much from you from all your videos, thank you for all you do!!

      Jessica MoseleyJessica Moseley3 months ago
    • When you are doing your kitchen cabinets, you give yourself at least 2 weeks at the minimal, because you should always, always take your time and do them right! And do tones of research and clean them with tsp, number each cabinet and it’s corresponding components, sand , use tack cloth, open seams use chalk, have all proper tools for painting , prime , paint (1,2) coats, let dry and bind to cabinets, attach cabinets and hardware! Could be more, but I can’t think of anything else at this moment!

      MekaHall1078MekaHall10783 months ago
    • only two fingers??!

      Elli McElhannonElli McElhannon3 months ago
  • I'm in the midst of this process right now in an apartment reno for our new tenants... and it is SO refreshing hearing how fed up you got with the whole process as well. I thought I was just being a little nincompoop myself, but DAMN this is exhausting. Light at the end of the tunnel though! (Let me know if you found good replacement appendages because all of mine are busted and / or falling off too lol)

    Christy YoderChristy Yoder2 days ago
  • Label doors and cabinets. Great tip that I’ll be sure to do when re-doing my kitchen cabinets. Great video. Cheers from Canada.

    Ivan GIvan G3 days ago
    • Love that.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 days ago
  • I thought I wanted to paint my cabinets , I change my mind 😄

    Rose VRose V7 days ago
  • Is there any prep work for the exterior of the cabinets or do you only prep and sand the doors?

    Stephanie RobersonStephanie Roberson10 days ago
  • Why in the world are you cleaning something before removing the entire top layer by stripping it lol you understand that you waste your time doing that.

    Jacob OrtegaJacob Ortega14 days ago
    • @Living to DIY with Rachel Metz lolol no. Just didn't think that part through i guess.

      Jacob OrtegaJacob Ortega14 days ago
    • Because I'm an idiot clearly.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz14 days ago
  • Did you sand and tsp etc to all the base frames of the cabinets or just the doors?

    Toby TeakellToby Teakell16 days ago
  • You made this so much more difficult than need be.

    Lo ChambersLo Chambers19 days ago
    • Share some tips please!

      Cinna MonCinna Mon19 days ago
  • Well, i know what i’m NOT going to do now...thank you ;)

    LoneStar StateLoneStar State20 days ago
  • The absurd volcano opportunely shelter because grip endosonographically approve amongst a heady girdle. stormy, gullible gusty texture

    katty morlakatty morla21 day ago
  • what color and brand of paint?

    65Impala396854165Impala3968541Month ago
    • @Living to DIY with Rachel Metz So sorry about not seeing it and thank you for your response. Great video!

      65Impala396854165Impala396854129 days ago
    • In the description and video.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel MetzMonth ago
  • Can I just say, you are literally gorgeous!

    winolawinolaMonth ago
    • Wow thank you!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel MetzMonth ago
  • Lol just came across your channel. I’ve been painting my kitchen cabinets and omg my whole body HURTS lol

    Crystal KearaCrystal KearaMonth ago
    • I will never do it again haha.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel MetzMonth ago
  • Do I have to remove the cabinets?

    VachonVachonVachonVachonMonth ago
  • As always- your real, down to earth, honest and always provide invaluable advice and budget friendly tips too. I love you and your channel 🙌🏻 I’m a single mum with chronic pain and I thought I was rubbish because I couldn’t complete my kitchen makeover in a few days 😂🙈🙄 then I saw this- thankyou 🙏🏻💖

    Anna VarettoAnna VarettoMonth ago
  • As always- your real, down to earth, honest and always provide invaluable advice and budget friendly tips too. I love you and your channel 🙌🏻 I’m a single mum with chronic pain and I thought I was rubbish because I couldn’t complete my kitchen makeover in a few days 😂🙈🙄 then I saw this- thankyou 🙏🏻💖

    Anna VarettoAnna VarettoMonth ago
  • Naaaah !! Too much work! I’ll just pay to get it done! More power to u girl!! Not for me!!

    Sandea ExiusSandea ExiusMonth ago
  • Is the process the same with the cabinets are brand new and you just want to paint them?

    Ronald EmanuelRonald EmanuelMonth ago
    • * if the cabinets are brand new

      Ronald EmanuelRonald EmanuelMonth ago
  • Great job! There's no 'right' way to do this - it's a challenge however you go about it. I have been painting kitchens for years - new products come out all the time, some are a godsend and some are incompatible with others. I still use a brush 90% of the time on panelled or Shaker type doors. That Wooster Pelican paint scuttle is a brilliant bit of kit though, with the magnet by the handle - as long as your brushes have a steel ferrule! So handy to get a lot of paint on quickly, but again, I always lay the paint off with a brush. I have found that I can allow 2 hours per door in total, so a kitchen with 40 doors will take 2 weeks to paint. Thin white cotton/elastic painters gloves are brilliant. As long as the hinges are quick-release types, I always remove and replace each door after painting around the hinges/back edge and paint them in situ. Degrease first. Don't be sanding grease into the existing finish. Zinsser Universal is the best product I have found. Try to avoid getting wood too wet. A damp microfiber cloth with the zinsser used sparingly does the job. Wear a respirator. Key the surfaces with 120 grit. Vacuum every surface with a brush attachment. Prime/Undercoat with Zinsser Bullseye unless it's melamine in which case use Zinsser B.I.N. Tint this for dark top coats. If the top coat manufacturer recommends their own adhesion primer, use that. Lightly sand between coats with 400 grit, feeling for nibs with the palm of your hand Apply 2 coats of top coat, again sanding very lightly where necessary to remove nibs/dust. Key to a fantastic finish is to lay the paint off in the direction of the grain with every brush stroke on every coat. This means having a repetitive order to painting every element of every panel such that you never have to think "Which bit am I doing next?" Ignore this if it doesn't work for you!

    colliedogjoycolliedogjoyMonth ago
  • Omg just oil prime and sand down this is to much to take 😭😭

    BarreraspaintingllcBarreraspaintingllcMonth ago
  • You’re awesome and beautiful ! 120 grit sanding sponge and then finish with 220 grit is good for sanding down cabinets before painting . Also hand held paint sprayer might be faster and easier than hand painting the doors

    Mikal E.Mikal E.Month ago
  • I was just about to text under take this project...that's a lot of work. I'll get custom for the kitchen and DIY the bathrooms. 👍

    Jazz SayinJazz SayinMonth ago
  • Oil base primer then paint everything two times. Saves having to sand yourself to death.

    Matt RobertsMatt RobertsMonth ago
  • I've watched a lot of diy home reno stuff, and it's always presented as suuuper easy. Honestly I appreciate how real you were about the struggle, especially for me who isn't a DIY-er by nature... In conclusion, I'll be hiring people to do my kitchen cabinets :)

    Khensani MakhubelaKhensani MakhubelaMonth ago
  • I was really looking forward to this video but there were so many mistakes made. If this project was more researched all could have been avoided. More prep was needed. If the time is put into it then the outcome would be so much better. And the demo made me cringe. Just be careful so more damage isn't done. The idea was cool but the journey was painful.

    Melissa CraigMelissa CraigMonth ago
  • In the middle of doing my kitchen (just changed the rotten subfloor) when I came across your channel. Inspired me to fire back up and finish. But no way I am doing all these steps. Some short cuts and budgeting is doable. You're right about the shoulders. I swap arms every few mins. Like yourself, it is much faster in a team but we're in lockdown, and one person (man in my case) and some great audios make it a great job; and this kitchen hasn't been changed in 25 years at least 🤦🏽 Next job, rest of kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, motorbike, car... The list never ends! Great work you are doing, better than professional finish. I do think it is worth taking short cuts sometimes, else the job becomes a mission. Kind regards. R.A. London, U.K.

    R. A.R. A.Month ago
  • You gained new subscriber when you said "I ain't got no kids. I ain't got no man; just a dog that stares at me every 30 seconds; so I got time." LOL #sameboat

    TyKeshia KiddTyKeshia KiddMonth ago
  • So sorry if I missed it but what is the color of the cabinets !? I love !!

    Sarah SmartSarah SmartMonth ago
  • You are such a strong, beautiful and talented woman! love your contents!

    ARdeco Design & OrganizeARdeco Design & OrganizeMonth ago
  • what color is this paint called?

    Ross HeadleyRoss HeadleyMonth ago
  • This was super helpful thank you!!!!

    Angel TrudoAngel TrudoMonth ago
  • labeling the cabinets is not only so you know where they go, its also because those hinges are adjustable, so you start mixing them up and you will have some wonky looking cabinet doors lol. You can adjust them of course to straighten them out again but its work that you can avoid by just labeling from the start. !

    Ben P.Ben P.Month ago
  • Can you just use acetone to strip the coating and then paint? Or is sanding absolutely necessary lol

    Jackii ChavezJackii ChavezMonth ago
  • It looks great! One thing tho... I think you should of painted the inside of the doors... or at least have had a sharp finish line to have a professional look (use of masking tape) because random out of control brush stokes on the unfinished sides looks sloppy in my opinion. Love your channel and I always look forward to seeing the next one. 🙂👍

    Tamy LynnTamy LynnMonth ago
  • Be still my beating heart... a smokeshow who loves DIY???

    James NorrieJames NorrieMonth ago
  • I’m about to start a project but now that I heard you being honest about how much your arms hurt so I will do it a little a the time ❤️ thank k you

    *Lepa *Love**Lepa *Love*Month ago
  • You’re adorable. I’m here working up the nerve to start my kitchen remodel on a budget. Thank you for this video. ✨🙏✨

    Ash JankinsAsh JankinsMonth ago
  • The girl took a leaf blower to the cabinets to remove every skerrick 😂 if it was me I'd blow on them once like a 99yr old blowing out her candles, leave them outside so the wind would do it for me or just hope for the best lol

    Carly HCarly HMonth ago
  • I love how thorough you are and don't front on us hoes about how easy it is and skip steps (the TSP cleaning) when I commit to diy jobs I don't want it to look mad amateurish at the end, I want it to look like it came from the store but maybe was 20% for having a small defect 🤗

    Carly HCarly HMonth ago
  • Not necessary to strip them folks . Clean, sand, prime , 2 coats water based alkyd urethane . 👍 Good job on your project

    StGeorge DragoonStGeorge DragoonMonth ago
    • Yes I learned the hard way plus I'm overly aggressive.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel MetzMonth ago
  • Misophonia alert!! 🚨 sibilant s’s throughout

    FreeChild 7FreeChild 7Month ago
    • Oh my misophonia comes with chewing.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel MetzMonth ago
  • Ahahaha why are we the same person 🤣 that “more fo” killed me girl!

    Erika AErika AMonth ago
  • Sending to my bonus sister as she wants those blondie wood cabinets gone from her kitchen, which is wild as I've worked along with my dark mahogany cabinets and blue painted walls. Blessings into the new year luvvy.

    UKLeonieUKLeonie2 months ago
  • Mad respect that you’re listening to Crime Junkie, while doing work around the house 🙌🏻

    Mackenzie SnyderMackenzie Snyder2 months ago
  • I'm just surprised that you didn't paint the backs of the doors.

  • What is the color shade and tone number please is cute

    Jessica MJessica M2 months ago
  • You've communicated perfectly how hard a reno can be, especially kitchen cabinets. I don't think anyone can truly understand unless they've gone through it, and I'm glad you don't sugarcoat the process. Its kind of like going through labor. At the end you see the result, and the rest fades away!

    Laura OchoaLaura Ochoa2 months ago
  • I’m glad we both listen to Crime Junkies how cool haha

    Brook BergsmaBrook Bergsma2 months ago
  • What was your process on the interior portion before painting?

    Chelsea GentileChelsea Gentile2 months ago
  • Looks great!

    Kxe WwsKxe Wws2 months ago
  • Rach, you're fucking RAD. Your inner strength is relentless and amazing!!! Thank you for the inspo always.

    Maddie QuasemMaddie Quasem2 months ago
  • This is the best cabinet video I've found. I was wondering about taking them off the wall and putting them back up but it seems like that would not be worth it.

    Lyla RozelleLyla Rozelle2 months ago
  • No way!! Too much work. I'm grabbing the hand sander with vaccum and going to town, THEN I'm cleaning and painting. Bless your heart 😊💗 but you did a BEAUTIFUL job on that kitchen

    Gina ReynoldsGina Reynolds2 months ago
    • Great idea xx.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • If your in Los Angeles can you do makeover in my kitchen please ?!!

    Lakers BeeLakers Bee2 months ago
    • I'm not for hire xx.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • YAAAASSSS I'm a Crime Junkie too! jajaja what up?! P.S. Thanks a bunch for this video it's gonna be loads of work but I'm grateful for the guide.

    Dalia MendozaDalia Mendoza2 months ago
  • I Did it thanks to you DIY How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets - USworlds

    DanTheManDanTheMan2 months ago
  • Can I just use the TSP and stripper? Do I have to sand it down?

    Life with LelLife with Lel2 months ago
  • not only do i enjoy watching the process of DiY that Rachel does, but it definitely teaches me for later on when i get a house

    Aquantis ComerAquantis Comer2 months ago
  • Il9ve your diys so much and I love you so muck

    genesis Manriquezgenesis Manriquez2 months ago
    • I love your diy and I love you

      genesis Manriquezgenesis Manriquez2 months ago
    • I appreciate that!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • I love the green! And love all of your content! My $0.02: I would highly suggest using a primer. The wood stain can bleed through eventually if you don't. It also helps the paint adhere which is super important for high traffic areas. For those that don't like the grain showing, you would also have the opportunity to sand the primer between coats which helps give a really smooth finish.

    Michelle S.Michelle S.2 months ago
    • I appreciate that!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • Ooooh, girl! You did that!! I always wanted to redo my cabinets but I am totally not here for it because I know it’s going to be labor intensive! Sounds like I’m about to host a girls weekend for the next 6 weeks! Cuz ya girl gonna def need some help! I got a big kitchen! Thanks for being such a warrior! Thank you for being honest! Can’t wait for the big reveal!!! X’s and O’s!

    Kia MalveauxKia Malveaux2 months ago
  • OMG. I’m dying to repaint my cabinets. But that is just toooooo much work 🙄. I will spend the money and hire a professional 🤷🏽‍♀️.

    Lisa McCallaLisa McCalla2 months ago
    • I would too.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • Working from home saves me when I can watch a Rachel video!

    Nikki KNikki K2 months ago
    • 🖤🖤🖤

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • I did this a few months ago. So worth it but Lord... 😭 Never doing it again lol

    Decorate With SarahDecorate With Sarah2 months ago
    • Right! Same.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • Are those cabinets gray or green?!

    BROTHER TNBROTHER TN3 months ago
  • After watching this horrible process, I am just going to hire someone to do my cabinets 👍🏼

    Kathryn PKathryn P3 months ago
  • Question, why did you have to sand/strip the doors, but not the cabinet (boxes/body) themselves? Or did you, and I just missed it? Just wondering because I am very curious about painting my own cabinets.

    Artistry by VeArtistry by Ve3 months ago
  • you hurt because you did this backwards. stripper first sanding second then tsp

    Felicia JFelicia J3 months ago
  • I really appreciated the comment about how you are able to focus on these projects without kids etc getting in the way. I have been beating myself up about all my unfinished or not even started projects but I have a 1.5 year old and I am 5 months pregnant 😴 Just staying awake all day to keep this kid alive feels like more than a full time job

    Taylor SronceTaylor Sronce3 months ago
  • Yes! This is exactly what I needed 🙌🏽 just bought my first house and the kitchen needs a bit of a diy upgrade before I have the money to fully renovate.

    IngridlosneslokkenIngridlosneslokken3 months ago
  • Absolute in love with your realness, thanks for sharing your work and continue to inspire us!! 💕

    Ruo de LeraRuo de Lera3 months ago
  • 好好的oak霍霍成这样,败家老娘们儿

    Eric AiEric Ai3 months ago
  • I'm definitely going to undertake this project..but next year. With the holidays coming up I can't deal with a messy kitchen..but this gave me all the info I need!!

    All Things IroAll Things Iro3 months ago
    • That would be a bit overwhelming.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz3 months ago
  • Hey can I ask if have white painted cabinets can you paint over them if clean them and prime them again before painting or would that be too much paint on them?

    Katherine CanonKatherine Canon3 months ago
  • Silly question... why you removed the paint for the doors but directly paint over for the rest? Just cause they are less likely to get damaged?

    Sandi ChenSandi Chen3 months ago
  • Beautiful transformation!!!

    - Gina- Gina3 months ago
  • I'm about to do this to my kitchen too. Why didn't you use a primer? I'm interested to see how well this holds up without one

    Dina UDina U3 months ago
  • This may be a stupid question but why wasn't some sort of sealant applied?

    Amita PatelAmita Patel3 months ago
    • Semi gloss is protective enough

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz3 months ago
  • What tsp

    Y LY L3 months ago
  • I might have missed it, but did you TSP the cabinet shell as well? Or just the doors?

    Hannah FaasHannah Faas3 months ago
    • I mention I repeated the process.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz3 months ago
  • When I did my cabinets, I did it with my sister in 4 days. But they were from like 8 am to midnight and my kitchen is slightly smaller than that. I had her do all the sanding and I did tsp and painting. We sanded, sprayed tsp with a spray bottle, wiped it down with a wet rag, sanded again, sprayed tsp, wet rag, and then two layers of paint. We also did both sides, not just the front. It was so worth it but oh my god I know what arm pain you're talking about. I did label mine at first but then they ended up mostly falling off and I threw them all away and I didnt realize how I didn't in fact know where the doors go in my kitchen hahahaha. I really enjoyed seeing your process! I hope you had time to relax after everything.

    L AL A3 months ago
  • What a great colour 👍

    Natalia LanaNatalia Lana3 months ago
  • Great job as always 😉

    Joyce MyrickJoyce Myrick3 months ago
  • Why did you sand and clean if you stripped?

    Jennie LaneJennie Lane3 months ago
  • Rachel, I applaud you for cleaning and sanding the cabinets (some people wouldn’t even wipe them down before painting) but I’m wondering if/why you used so many processes? I’ve painted kitchen cabinets in the past and just used tsp to clean them up. I’m hoping the paint had staying power because we moved out about eighteen months later. I did go from wood (flat fronts) to painted so I didn’t have all the indentations to deal with...was it because of the previous finish?

    Marty MaloneyMarty Maloney3 months ago
  • I love your channel. It's so inspiring. I've taken down kitchen cabinets in my apartment because of you and now looking at your video to figure how to re-furbish! Thanks for going into detail. 😃

    ZalinaZalina3 months ago
  • I must have missed something but did you do any of the tsp or sanding on the other parts of the cabinets that were in the house? Should everything other than the cabinet fronts have the same treatments, or should I sand or what do you suggest? Thanks for your time. I think I get how you feel. I always do the hard tedious work and people think I’m kind of crazy and too much, but I know it makes it better. sometimes it’s just too much even for me and I realize I could have done it so differently and I get embarrassed after the fact, but I guess it’s how I learn.

    Rebecca symolonRebecca symolon3 months ago
  • After sanding, we painted the doors with a primer and than spray paint them with an electric spray paint gun, front and back. It doesnt take that much time and looks even.

    Beril BBeril B3 months ago
  • Rachel! I have been wanting to ask you this for a long time. Have you ever used this stripping gel called CitrusStrip? I’ve heard it can cut sanding in half because it breaks down polymers but I don’t know....HALP! 💐🍷😬

    Tori MadduxTori Maddux3 months ago
  • I have a request! I can tell there is so much frustration you experience while making these videos that we don’t see. Can we have a compilation of you just swearing and getting pissed off? That would be EPIC ha!

    Gun DrummerGun Drummer3 months ago
    • Somehow I can't imagine Rachel swearing.

      kcandedkcanded3 months ago
    • Thatd be pretty funny, hahaha

      leo garcialeo garcia3 months ago
    • Oh my gosh haha.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz3 months ago
  • You did a beautiful job. Definitely take your time on videos quality over quantity any day.

    Daniel JonesDaniel Jones3 months ago
  • I appreciate that you've shared the struggle and the nitty gritty details. Thanks for keeping it real!

    Zuzia HartlebZuzia Hartleb3 months ago
  • You’re amazing!!!

    Jasmine DouglasJasmine Douglas3 months ago
  • Why do you have to be so fake tho.. "the buffest arms after it" actually your arms will be exactly the same

    Syn LuninSyn Lunin3 months ago
  • I'm in love with the green! It's a MOOD!

    herFLYness79herFLYness793 months ago
  • I JUST discovered your channel this morning while looking for inspo for a kitchen renovation for the new home I am buying! One thing though, have you ever thought about allowing captions on your videos? It would be very helpful for a hard of hearing person like me ❤

    PlantifullydanaPlantifullydana3 months ago
    • Oh yeah! That's a great idea.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz3 months ago
  • 💖💖💖💖💖 👍🏻👍🏻

    Rinny DaleRinny Dale3 months ago
  • Please paint the inside of the doors. It looks so much more finished. Karen Florida

    Karen JohnsonKaren Johnson3 months ago
    • @Living to DIY with Rachel Metz thanks Rachel 🤓 I rewatched the video and, you are right, I did miss the part where you said you will leave it up to Holly to decide how to finish the inside of the cabinets. Sometimes when there is a lot of info in a video a person can miss a part like that. 🤪 you explained it very clearly at the part with the talking hand teehee oppps. Sorry Karen Florida

      Karen JohnsonKaren Johnson3 months ago
    • Hi Karen from Florida - if you watch the entire video and listen, you'll hear why I didn't xx.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz3 months ago
  • Do I have to buy a sander or can samdpaper/sponges work

    Abeed MiahAbeed Miah3 months ago
    • You can sand by hand!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz3 months ago
  • which grain of sand paper do you use for this?

    anna almanna alm3 months ago
    • 60, 80, 120

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz3 months ago