DIY Small Kitchen Makeover

Nov 25, 2020
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As I always say, makeover do not have to be so expensive, invasive or drastic. While I do want to reno and demo to make all Holly's kitchen dreams come true; she wants to do some big changes that are going to require a lot more time and a larger budget. Since I am unable to do that, I wanted to see what I could do for less than $200. Remember that it isn't my way or the highway and to tailor your space to your needs and lifestyle as I did here for Holly and her home.
Budget breakdown and blog post is live as well:
D E E T S + L I N K S
…affiliate unless stated otherwise!
Paint Walls:
Black circle knobs:
“Double Duty” in Satin finish for cabinets:
2” x 12”:
Matte poly sealant:
Foam brush:
1” x 6”:
Pocket hole drill set:
Pocket hole screw set:
Painters tape:
Drop cloth:
White canisters with lids - Home Goods
Basket above fridge - Home Goods
Holly is not a fan of rugs so that is why I never add them to these makeovers!
Business inquiries:

  • I just discovered your channel. You are an amazing DYIer. You are showing girls/women that the trades can be for them and not just men.

    Lauren GetchellLauren Getchell21 day ago
  • I would love to see a house tour of this project ☺️❤️❤️. I Always love your works

    Pauline AgawinPauline Agawin22 days ago
  • Love the colors. Great job!

    Chanda HarkinsChanda Harkins25 days ago
  • I love watching your videos! I have tried so many of your ideas around my house :)

    • Yay!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz28 days ago
  • Going back to your Kitchen makeovers for inspiration. :) This looks amazing!

    Heidi A. Thomson BSc Biology & Life CoachHeidi A. Thomson BSc Biology & Life CoachMonth ago
  • Love everything!!

    Sara SabusSara SabusMonth ago
  • It is so easy to binge watch you, lone fox and macenna. Beautiful work!

    ARdeco Design & OrganizeARdeco Design & OrganizeMonth ago
  • can you paint the work top with the floor paint from the fireplace?

    doodlesimsdoodlesimsMonth ago
  • !!!!!!! the paint and open shelves make ALLLLL the difference. I love it. You even made the granite look good

    Carly HCarly HMonth ago
  • What color did you paint the cabinets? Didn’t hear sorry

    Kristy MarieKristy MarieMonth ago
    • @Living to DIY with Rachel Metz thank you!!

      Kristy MarieKristy MarieMonth ago
    • Linked below or for sure in the video you commented earlier on.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel MetzMonth ago
  • It looks great 💕😊

    Julia ColonJulia Colon2 months ago
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    Laura BrownLaura Brown2 months ago
  • You are literally such a bad bitch and should not apologize for being you and doing your best. You will always have those miserable people that comment some rude shit to be mean. Keep up the hard work, sis. You're killing it!!!!

    Kade - Plant BoyKade - Plant Boy2 months ago
  • Found your videos I'm really enjoying them I love them for young lady to be busy doing what you do hey you don't have to explain yourself for anything you do those that enjoy watching or watching those that have anything to say can move on 👍😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Just WonderingJust Wondering2 months ago
  • Recently found ur channel and have been binge watching EVERYTHING!!! LOVE already!!!

    JessicaB.JessicaB.2 months ago
  • You did an incredible job!!! You keep mentioning putting money into other peoples're already offering your time energy and skills...I feel your mate should be paying for the materials?? Obviously not my business but giiirl you are so giving!!! We see it! We recognise!

    Meg KempMeg Kemp2 months ago
  • That drywall patch should be supported better with a strip of wood on the right side. It's looks like it will crack or push right through if anyone presses on it.

    JP PerryJP Perry2 months ago
  • Wow 😍

    Liza HMLiza HM2 months ago
  • I'd really love to have this color scheme in my next kitchen, thank you for the inspiration !

    Wendy PrévostatWendy Prévostat2 months ago
  • Man, so many quips about what you think your commenters will say and justifying your decisions! No need for that! You do you! It’s frankly distracting from your work to even make mention of the haters. You are doing great. Love watching the transformations.

    Kayce BarracloughKayce Barraclough2 months ago
    • @Living to DIY with Rachel Metz 🥰

      Kayce BarracloughKayce Barraclough2 months ago
    • Loving you xx.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • This was $200??

    Angie PerezAngie Perez2 months ago
    • Yup!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • Looks great! What an amazing job. Thanks for bringing us along on the process.

    alophnalophn2 months ago
  • What is the green color that was in the kitchen on the cabinets when you painted the ceiling?

    Lydia KristiLydia Kristi2 months ago
  • I love the cabinet color! What color/finish is it?

    Lucie GeraciLucie Geraci2 months ago
    • It's linked and I state the finish I believe xx.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • lol this kitchen is *huge* omg

    ArtxLifeArtxLife2 months ago
  • No way! I missed your video🙀 I'm a week to late!! I have waited so long😂😂🤦‍♀️ Ooh its soo beautiful! I think its my new dream kitchen😍

    kaira browniekaira brownie2 months ago
    • @Living to DIY with Rachel Metz Thank you🤗 I'm honoured😇 Your my favorite person on USworlds❤

      kaira browniekaira brownie2 months ago
    • Appreciate that.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • Thank you for being real with the process, and your life. I learn more from the mistakes than the perfection. Keep it up!

    pam tiggelaarpam tiggelaar2 months ago
    • Thanks for supporting me through it all!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • Is it normal for YT fans to ask super personal questions like that? I wasn't feeling this comment section at all...alot of yall need to get a life and mind your business

    Scorpio WomanScorpio Woman2 months ago
    • @Scorpio Woman fingers crossed! I am working my hardest on the backend but know the right property will come when it supposed to. Loving you xx.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
    • And I love that about you, that's why I subbed but some of these were just too much. Sending lots of positive energy your way, I'm keeping my notifications on so I can watch videos of you working on your own home someday. For me, its like waiting for a package without a tracking number. I know it on the way for you hunny....Im just patiently waiting for that delivery. I know its gonna be lit

      Scorpio WomanScorpio Woman2 months ago
    • Haha it's okay! I'm very transparent. Thank you for this though xx.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • I love your realistic videos 🙂👌

    Nova HicksNova Hicks2 months ago
  • Omg!!!!! Yaassssssss!!!!! It’s awesome! Don’t worry! You will be in your own space soon and I can’t wait to see what you do when you get your Baib Cave going! I live to DIY with RM (and Ms. Callie)!!!!!

    Kia MalveauxKia Malveaux2 months ago
  • You sound so negative. I would not have known that people criticize you on your projects. You do you and I love that part . Don’t let others take the joy out of you or your projects. Thanks for sharing your experience !

    yvonne hyvonne h2 months ago
    • Thank you, I will

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • Please stop saying sorry and addressing the negative comments. I appreciate that you show us the process, the mistakes and the beautiful after. I love EVERYTHING you've done in the house. It's so inspirational. I hope you can give us a full tour when you finished. 💕

    Sonia RSonia R2 months ago
  • Aw, I hope you’re able to purchase your own home & bring us along on the journey to update or design it! Haven’t been following for a long time, but I’d like to see you design for yourself & what you like.

    DeeDee2 months ago
    • Fingers crossed xx.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • the shelves are heeeeaatt!! awesome job

    Tall Guy DIYTall Guy DIY2 months ago
    • 🖤

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • You know, I really love when you keep it real with how tired you are and how much work these makeovers take. The first time I did a DIY task, I thought I was doing it all wrong and I wasn't cut out for this because most DIY USworldsrs just speed through the process

    leahg180leahg1802 months ago
    • It's exhausting!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • What a blessing that kitchen is! Good job, Metz. It really looks good.

    Andrea ColeAndrea Cole2 months ago
    • Thanks Andrea!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • i’m just here to ask how does it feel to be Gods favorite like how can you look so literally perfect before, during and after doing all of these DIY’S

    Mehgan HarrisMehgan Harris2 months ago
    • Wow thank you!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • must have received a number of haters because I've watched a few of your videos and you call them out before they press the comment button. Don't come for her people. Love it! Your makeovers have been very inspiration to me. I'm attempting to reno our kitchen & bath. Thank you!

    4everseeking4everseeking2 months ago
    • You got this!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • Can't wait to see the privacy fence. I really don't mind when you "cut corners", it's the reality of a DIY but i do love that you encourage people not to cut corners as well as yourself. It's awesome making yourself proud of the final result. Thanks for the BAIB info plug. Lovely video as always 💚💗😊

    potatopotatoepotatopotatoe2 months ago
    • @Living to DIY with Rachel Metz no problemo! I should be thanking you😄. Your videos motivate me to get up and do something for myself that I actually enjoy. Slowly but surely we get there😊

      potatopotatoepotatopotatoe2 months ago
    • Thanks for the love xx.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • I appreciate the process of showing things for the first time, that’s mine as well, I figure we are all trying to learn new things and it’s enjoyable to work through it and see others as well

    Can Crane Do ItCan Crane Do It2 months ago
    • 🖤🖤🖤

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • I hope you're taking care of yourself sweets. Hello Fresh might be looking after your nutrition but I think we'll all forgive you if you give yourself the break it sounds like you neeeeed. You've cranked out a world of incredible this year. REST.

    Emma BinghamEmma Bingham2 months ago
  • ❤❤❤

    Dancer DollDancer Doll2 months ago
  • LOVE!!! I know you’ve touched base on your skincare but you should do a whole video on just your skin care routine and and what you choose or how you decide what you like best for your skin. Video for thought to give your arms and brain a break! Lbvs

    Abducted by AliensAbducted by Aliens2 months ago
    • All recommendations by my dermatologist!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • Holly should be thrilled. you have added $20,000 to her house value! At least. Gorgeous!

    MyRosie2007MyRosie20072 months ago
    • I hope so!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • Use Sherman Williams infinity paint it’s the best literally the ingredients are better and the clean ability is superior

    Dorian YatesDorian Yates2 months ago
    • Thanks for that tip!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • I have been watching home improvement shows since I was a little kid and this is the first show I have watched that actually makes me feel encouraged to try things myself. The fact that you are so open about just trying things, making mistakes, going back, and fixing them makes doing my own projects seem WAY less intimidating. It's helping me learn that even if I do make a mistake, that's how you learn! So thank you from the bottom of my heart. YOU ARE AMAZING. Please keep doing what you're doing because it's so refreshing and wonderful. You're an inspiring badass.

    Rebecca MaclinRebecca Maclin2 months ago
    • That's my main goal! Thank you!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • You know we take away much more from your videos, inspiration, love, joy, and laughter! That’s why I personally have to watch them all twice 🥰🖤😂

    trick351trick3512 months ago
    • @Living to DIY with Rachel Metz Ditto!

      trick351trick3512 months ago
    • Loving you xx.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • Y’all are really complaining about Rachel investing into the house. It’s called a trade. And We get all this great content. Plus Her finances are none of yalls business.

    Sincerely EccentricSincerely Eccentric2 months ago
  • Wow Rachel ✨

    Jasmine MorenoJasmine Moreno2 months ago
  • You're to pretty to get paint on you're face.

    Houston SellersHouston Sellers2 months ago
  • Great makeover! Your professionalism shows in how you tailor the reno to Holly's style. It's inspiring that you are making a fresh start. I hope you speak to yourself the way you speak about your bestie and your friend Holly. You are very brave and kicking ass. Sending love from Canada

    Hannah JohnsonHannah Johnson2 months ago
  • who’s house are you doing next

    michelalienmichelalien2 months ago
  • Awesome results for your hard work and efforts. It turned out great. What brand are the speckle mugs with the wood handles?

  • you have a smart ass mouth.. I love it!! subscribing!!! the kitchen looks great!

    stephanie crawfordstephanie crawford2 months ago
  • Who’s out here messing with you Rachel ? 😤 I got you 💪🏻

    Laura ReyesLaura Reyes2 months ago
  • Wait, where is that expresso maker from? I love the look! Also, this work is amazing. Screw everyone else that says otherwise! :D

    Humble WorldHumble World2 months ago
  • WOW!!! Awesome job!!!!!!

    Gabriele FreewheelerthriftGabriele Freewheelerthrift3 months ago
  • This kitchen looks so amazing. Can you do mines?

    India TuffIndia Tuff3 months ago
  • might break rule #274

    ozzieozzie3 months ago
  • I absolutely loved this! The green cabinets and open shelving look great and I like how this looks like a budget-friendly and rather 'real' makeover.

    Menahil AhmedMenahil Ahmed3 months ago
  • Cray cray chic and expensive looking. In love 😍 with the handmade open shelving

    Daniel KimDaniel Kim3 months ago
  • My 3 yr. old: “That good kitchen looks great.”

    Maria CorneilMaria Corneil3 months ago

    Aisha UsmanAisha Usman3 months ago
  • Wow Rachel love this x

    Dion CollingsDion Collings3 months ago
  • Lmao yoooo when I tell u I really fuck with yo commentary. I be sooo weak. Stop letting these ppl get to you girl, u high key doin yo thang. Hell, half of us don’t even know where to start so anything helps at this point lol. U lit and if nobody told u yet, just know we appreciate u.

    Jai AishaJai Aisha3 months ago
  • How do I know which kind of drywall Patch to use? I see there is aluminum, fiber. Etc

    Hannah LogsdonHannah Logsdon3 months ago
  • STOP SAYING 'QUOTE ON QUOTE' AND 'DONT COME AT ME' i love watching you but i can't bear it anymore lol

    Nicola BrownNicola Brown3 months ago
  • I love you Rachel... Ahahah litteraly me when I am painting!!! How the hack those people dressed in their Sunday dress with the perfect nail and perfect hair, without protection on the floor can paint like that. Sara Nena DIY

    Sara NenaSara Nena3 months ago
  • Hang in there Rachel! It looks amazing!! Love your videos!

    Liz FrederickLiz Frederick3 months ago
  • Dude! So smart the way you covered up before painting the ceiling. I've been low key stressed about painting our ceilings bc I'm notorious for getting paint in my hair no matter what I paint!

    Steve and Caitlin HarteSteve and Caitlin Harte3 months ago
  • 5:30 Don't Make Fun of Me = best part

    KellyJelly9976KellyJelly99763 months ago
  • Don’t sweat over the small stuff girl. 😊. It looks awesome. And I have found on light fixtures, which are a HUGE expense, that often times just taking old ones down, can light covers included, taking a can of metallic spray paint to them gives them the freshest and most updated and cheapest make over ever. I even did a price compare on new stuff I tended to gravitate towards, which was interestingly very similar to what I had, to just $7 can of spray paint and it was no question what direction I needed to go. New isn’t always better.. Even my ‘boob’ lights look like a classic 40’s throw back with some rubbed bronze over the tacky old brass. Those shelves look so clean and great! Love it!

    Heather StreeterHeather Streeter3 months ago
  • Amazing as always!!!

    Lívia Moreira ZaidanLívia Moreira Zaidan3 months ago
  • Love it......i am DIY person myself ....mover over 22 times and will love move to mine own house before this christmas ...i know ..who move on Christmas or before them.....and yess I AM ONE OF THIS GALS WHO SAY ....I WILL DO IT BECAUSE I CAN AND WILL MAKE ALL BY MYSELF ..... Love your commitme t to show how all process look staggering work physically and produce video footage on top of that ....chapaux -bas look stunning i love this colours ..dark greens grow on me .....i love natural looking you know that stained or not treated wood (when you can see grains and tecrure how its grown it soothing for our brain .... i love wood ...we are surroundwd in UK with plastic and silicorns (disaster). A.M.A.Z.I N.G THAT YOU MAKING WOMAN CHANNELS FROM STRUCTURE TO PAINT AND DECORAT ....ITS COMPLEATLY DIFFERENT VIBE FROM ALL MAN COLD DESIGNS AND CRAP COLLORS......COLOURS ARE EVERYTHING FOR OUR BRAINS AND SYCHY..... WORM OR COLD OR NEUTRAL TONES ..SHADES ...AND VALUES ...ALL ITS MATTER .....please read about this is all inn our sychology and codded in our strings or dna ...we are part of plabet and our bodies need space to regenerat and realx and grow physicaly and mentaly as well spiritualy. I added you to my favourites abd watching you as relaxation and motivation ... who care about nobs .....whoever finding this things on video should google FBI test and do riddles there .... its part of FBI screening system ...they should do this ...unless they want wark for Dis......abd look for sexual subliminal messages ...they will be more productive ...IMHO....

    Engie NEngie N3 months ago
  • Hey there. Just fyi. Check out renovision on USworlds.. Jeff has some really great tutorials for drywall etc.. might be helpful for you as he has taught me so much..and great job by the way.. stay strong sister.. you've got this

    Michelle RedmondMichelle Redmond3 months ago
  • I appreciate you just being real. Life is real and were human and stuff happens. Love it. I learn so much from you. I bought a "handyman special" that is very "special". You're very insperational

    tina venturatina ventura3 months ago
  • Such amazing, yet exhausting work! Take time for yourself and recharge, knowing that we’re all here for you! Big hugs!

    rosannelopezrosannelopez3 months ago
  • I love learning with you, mistakes and all! My diys have plenty of mistakes too! That’s how we learn❤️

    Littlest Corgi NuffLittlest Corgi Nuff3 months ago
  • Rachael! It looks fantastic! I can’t speak for Holly but I’m sure she appreciates your hard work and all the love you’ve shown her home! There’s always a new lesson to learn when you tackle a new project. I had the same bulb can lights and updated them with screw in leds that are flush mounted- easy update, no electrical work needed! Thank you for the hello fresh code! Happy Holidays!

    Jenica LynJenica Lyn3 months ago
  • I love that the beginning of this video you’re doing this in a robe lol 😭 looks so beautiful- I love your videos

    everythinglauraeverythinglaura3 months ago
  • Hi. Love this. Beautiful. Am I missing the link in the down to the other creator for the shelf on the lip of the backsplash ?

    NellieNellie3 months ago
  • Okay, first things first. HOW DO YOU STILL LOOK STUNNING IN THAT PAINT MASK ??? Second, girl that kitchen is AMAZING. So beautiful. 😍🙌🏻

    Sarah HamSarah Ham3 months ago
  • WTF America, walltexture 🤪

    Amanda Betten LangenAmanda Betten Langen3 months ago
  • i love the way this is classed as a small kitchen when in the kitchen at my house 2 steps and your already at the end of the kitchen this kitchen is literally bigger than my bedroom jesus christ its huge do americans just have massive kitchens or something? me and my mum would love to have a kitchen this size i think its perfect

    c a i tc a i t3 months ago
  • I love texture spray! We moved into a house with wood paneling throughout half of it, and then a quarter of what was left was textured walls. We had quite a few holes to patch and spray over with texture spray.

    Emily JaneEmily Jane3 months ago
  • Great job Rachel. Thanks for teaching us both what to do and what not to do, it’s very helpful.

    Saida SwiftSaida Swift3 months ago
  • I will admit, I really wasn’t seeing where this was going with the individual segments, but now that you’ve shown the whole picture, I’m there. Great job, Rachel. You shine even through challenging times. Keep inspiring. We’ll keep loving. ❤️

    TheLeftLane IsTheFastLaneTheLeftLane IsTheFastLane3 months ago

    CultmanCultman3 months ago
  • This is so inspiring ! I actually watched the video twice . Kitchen makeovers r my fave and u did such an awesome Job ! Those Floating shelves and the Olive cabinets OH MY !! From a Magazine photoshoot. Well done 😍😍👏👏❤

    ValentinoValentino3 months ago
  • People- please?! As someone who is also DIY obsessed, renovating my entire house basically on my own, also recently split from a breakup- I relate so much. We even kind of look alike 😂 but it seriously bothers me, not that you apologize and acknowledge the negative comments or people chastising your process- BUT that most people leaving those comments have no idea how hard it is to take on the kind of projects you do. Much less solo, while filming, editing, creating a blog space, paid promos, etc everything. as. a. One. Woman. Show. RESPECT 🙏🏼 Rachel Metz has every right to come off how ever the fuck because I’m sorry, it’s authentic and yes, exhausting. You go girl, I live for the sass because well, I’m the same way 😂 idk what my channel is going to look like. It’s hard enough to get started on the job, then before you do that you gotta pre job with camera equipment, batteries, storage, file organization, on and on and on.. job inception 🤯 don’t apologize, give em hell 🤘🏼

    Carly GraceCarly Grace3 months ago
  • I love it! Can Holly reach those mugs? I know she's shorter than you...

    Donna HumphriesDonna Humphries3 months ago
    • As short person with 10 ft ceilings and thus giant cabinets, I keep a step stool nearby lol

      soffiegirl1027soffiegirl1027Month ago
  • WOW, Babe, it’s STUNNING! It’s incredible what a lick of paint and some hard work can do. You prove over and over that you don’t need to spend thousands of pounds to have a beautiful and stylish home. Can I just say, I’m genuinely surprised and disappointed with some disgust that *some* people take it upon themselves to criticise you and your work. FFS, you’re always honest and up front and say that you’re learning too. It boils my piss that these folk think it’s okay to be so rude. Ignore those people, they don’t deserve you wasting your breath on them. I’m so PROUD of you! I Love You, Honey. You do you and what you love and to those that don’t like it.... 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

    Laura FilbyLaura Filby3 months ago
  • Her home looks so beautiful!!!

    Maggie MagnoliMaggie Magnoli3 months ago
  • Love it!

    Julie ButlerJulie Butler3 months ago
  • definitely different! love all of the openness of the space. I think that you do a fantastic job and keeping it low budget is going to be tough! ideas..... thanks for sharing! xoxo

    dwynn57dwynn573 months ago
  • Next time, try just putting some sheetrock behind for support rather than a 2x4. Plenty of spackle or mudd works. Drill it from the front to the backside and leave sticking out so you can put the sheetrock can remove the screws once that mudd is dry. THEN put the old sheetrock back in place. So easy to do. Works every time, and you already are using mudding compound and sheetrock. Easier than using a saw and trying to find some lumber. Just sayin..............

    A BioPhysics MinistriesA BioPhysics Ministries3 months ago
  • You do nice work dont feed energy to the negative people, just do you!

    Crafty DelightsCrafty Delights3 months ago
  • You’re my hero! For real I literally think I can do anything, construction wise!

    T BLKT BLK3 months ago
  • Can you please tell us the details or give us the link to your laser with the stand???🥰😋🥰😋😘

    American MadeAmerican Made3 months ago
  • My kinda girl... lift that cabinet!!!!!

    T BLKT BLK3 months ago