I BOUGHT A HOUSE + 5 ACRES IN JOSHUA TREE | Life Update Vlog Episode 1

Jan 31, 2021
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This is so very different but I am so very excited. Cheers to a new chapter my beautiful USworlds family - it is all possible ONLY because of your support. Love you guys more than you know! Thank you Hello Fresh for sponsoring the first of these monthly recaps xx.
00:00-01:58 Simple Explanation of Where I've Been
01:59-03:26 Owning Up
03:32-06:20 Talking About The Break Up
06:23-07:25 How I Moved Forward
07:26-09:42 How I Got On Track To Buy a House
09:50-10:44 Finding THE House
10:45-12:56 Hello Fresh Break
12:58-14:30 Putting in an Offer
14:33-15:36 Reaction to Putting in the Offer
16:01-16:42 Reaction to Getting the House
16:48-18:38 My Time So Far in Joshua Tree
19:09-19:39 Snow in the Desert
19:47-22:15 Sneak Peek w/ Wood Brain
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  • This is the type of video you can simply listen to if you need something mellow! It's way different than what I typically do but this has been LONG overdue. I'm excited to end the craziest month of my life by starting a new chapter because of all your support. I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH! What was your favorite sneak peek in the video?

    Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz25 days ago
    • I just wanted to hug you and pat you and tell you that you will be fine but when we are in the middle of those terrible awful feelings after a break up it feels like nothing will help. It takes time and reflection. Congratulations on the house and living out where you can breath. I know the feeling, it took sixteen years before I could get my husband and kids to leave the city and while there were some negatives to living near a small town they do admit they understood why I needed to move to a farm. Have fun! Looking forward to watching you bloom. 🌺🌻🌸

      Marty MaloneyMarty Maloney20 days ago
    • Plz don't forget to take time to yourself that is productive because we all need to recharge it's ok to stop and think and feel. Pain demands to be felt. So if you don't deal with it now it will present it's self later. Just some word I wish someone had told me. On a brighter note congratulations on the new place I'm sure it will be as gorgeous as you ❤️

      Holz Last nameHolz Last name21 day ago
    • Congrats Rachel and Callie 🎉 It's very emotional seeing how much effort, inspiration and strength have you put to overcome this life challenge. Now you are a super woman and I am wishing to see how you build your home. Kisses from Spain and sorry for my rusty english. ❤️🌵❤️🌵❤️🌵Love, love, love.

      PauPau21 day ago
    • Congratulations!! I am so happy for you. I can’t wait to see what you do to your home

      luckydollyluckydolly23 days ago
    • @Terianna Ratcliff don't make my heart burst, I am not worthy! Thank you for your love and support. Seriously. It keeps me going and enables me to buy this property! That I now get to share the transformation with you? What in the world!? So thank you!!!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz23 days ago
  • 21:06 that feeling when you hang your first tool in your new workshop!

    Jenica LynJenica LynDay ago
  • it’s okay to cry! the chemical make up of tears is actually meant to soothe you when your skin absorbs it :). Jesus loves you. epeshians 2:8-9. Romans 10:9. God bless you :D

    Isabella VeraIsabella Vera2 days ago
  • Congratulations Rachel!!! Amazing!! so happy for you.

    Deborah O'NeillDeborah O'Neill2 days ago
  • Congratulations to you both. You should be extremely proud. Can't wait for the walk through, plans and before and afters. GIRL, YOU ROCK!

    Nora DesmondNora Desmond2 days ago
  • I’m not crying 😭 😭😭

    Rosie NicoleRosie Nicole2 days ago
  • My goodness !!! I’ve been gone for a minute . Congrats and I can’t wait to go on this journey with you 😍

    Twisted RoseTwisted Rose2 days ago
    • Thank you!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 days ago
  • how thrilled, happy & grateful i am to come back to youtube & to you with this video!!! This format is really great and i'm patiently but excitedly waiting for the next monthly update!!! Coming back to you with this video, to see you so openned genuine excited raw growing processing, is very touching & inspiring on many levels!!! i adore/admire you and love your content, it's so good to come on yt again & meet you in such format with such new perspective and with such a raw & soulfull tone!!! and cherry on top at the end of the video, when checking the comments ~another dose of greatness!! thank you for taking the time to film edit & share it! Sending you my warmest congratulations & best wishes!!!

    Az QAz Q3 days ago
    • Love you! 😩

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 days ago
  • omfgggg ive been gone for too long!!! Im so happy this happened!!!!! Your glowingggggg!!!! God is good! Doesnt it make all the bad shit that happened feel worth it? Like now that you look back you see why it had to happen? im crying lol. You deserve it 🙏🏽

    Carla MendozaCarla Mendoza3 days ago
    • Thank you 🥺😩.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 days ago
  • 1. CONGRATS 2. Cali's little paw prints in the snow 3. CALI IS GETTING A BROTHER??? sooo excited about all of this for you! and so happy you are feeling more like yourself

    Catie DumontCatie Dumont3 days ago
  • 💙💙💙💙💙

    Savannah LewisSavannah Lewis5 days ago
  • Congratulations beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing this side of yourself. You just inspired me to get back to working on my goals full time so I can build a new environment for me and my son ❤️

    maria greenmaria green6 days ago
  • Wait, so did you buy this house with Modern Builds?? You keep individually saying how you bought the house (solo) but when you guys show it in video and talk about it, it’s the same house!

    LyssieRitzyLyssieRitzy6 days ago
  • My only advice Rachel is just breathe!

    trick351trick3518 days ago
  • I am so excited to see what you can do with your OWN house, your OWN property, your OWN things. Celebrate because owning something by yourself and for yourself only is such a huge accomplishment and very freeing. Congratulations!

    Jen FridayJen Friday9 days ago
  • Congrats on new house! Cannot wait to see you rock it with your skills!!

    Kathryn MicheliKathryn Micheli9 days ago
  • Girl, you are making it happen. Definitely your an inspiration to all ladies! 😆

    Amy HeAmy He10 days ago
  • I am SO happy for you!!!!!! ❤️

    Debbie I DIDebbie I DI10 days ago
    • Thank you!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz10 days ago
  • Babe... I was crying for you🙃😥 So nice to hear that you find your perfect home! You are so likable and cool! Please do not judge me! I want to help, but i'm in Germany ❤

    kaira browniekaira brownie10 days ago
  • almost a whole decade you lived with someone and shared your life with. i can’t even image how devastating of a feeling when it would be when it falls apart. the fact that your content was still amazing afterwards is a great accomplishment. i mean i probably wouldn’t have been able to do anything after that let alone make content for other people. i am wishing you the best on your new journey

    alanna sommer-smithalanna sommer-smith10 days ago
  • Best of luck to you Rachel!! Wishing you the best!!

    Maureen KilpatrickMaureen Kilpatrick11 days ago
  • Vacation vibes are/should be a lifestyle

    CBW0314CBW031411 days ago
  • love you so much, rachel and so happy for you!!

    Megan BelmonteMegan Belmonte11 days ago
    • Thank you!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz11 days ago
  • I really can't wait to a house tour as is, can't wait to see your beautiful renos, I can't wait for the monthly vlogs and to be with you in this amazing journey. Super happy for you and I wish you all the best 😘♥️💋

    Marwa BarahiemMarwa Barahiem11 days ago
    • Love you!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz11 days ago
  • Congratulations 🎊🍾🎉🎈

    eel isedeel ised12 days ago
  • I am so excited for this new chapter in your life!! You are only to thrive and grow from here!

    Monica CortesMonica Cortes12 days ago
    • House content happening shortly!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz12 days ago
  • 🎉 congratulations 🏠

    LordyLordy12 days ago
    • Thank you!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz12 days ago
  • Even knowing you got the house, I still cried when you got the call. Congratulations. Looking forward to what you invite us to share with you through this journey. ❤️

    graysjonzgraysjonz13 days ago
    • 🥺🧡

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz12 days ago
  • Congratulations Rachel! ☺️🙌👏

    N FactorialN Factorial13 days ago
    • Thank you!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz12 days ago
  • This was so awesome. You had me ugly crying here. We bought our place 2 years ago it came up I fell in love and we got it. This video brought up all the feels. 😍 I'm so excited to see how you do your style.

    josina Washingtonjosina Washington14 days ago
    • !*

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz12 days ago
    • Thanks for the love?

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz12 days ago
  • so much drama....geez...over Joshua Tree?!

    HumbleHalfAcreHumbleHalfAcre14 days ago
    • Sad you try to shit on one of my biggest chapters in my life.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz14 days ago
  • Im so happy for you 🤍🤍

    Sunny__day_987Sunny__day_98715 days ago
    • Me too xx.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz14 days ago
  • My heart ❤️ I washed you cry and I ugly cried ! Good things happen to good people ! You deserve it and more 🤩

    Emily CanoEmily Cano15 days ago
    • You're the sweetest xx.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz14 days ago

    Fati PlassaFati Plassa15 days ago
    • Me too!!!!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz14 days ago
  • I've loved your content throughout past year! And I can't wait for you to begin on your own home! Soo happy for you girl! ❤️

    Monalisa SinghMonalisa Singh16 days ago
    • Thank you!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz14 days ago
  • So happy for you! Here's to new beginnings 🥂🥂🥂

    Andréa M. JensenAndréa M. Jensen16 days ago
    • Cheers!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz14 days ago
  • Stay strong and good luck on this new venture.

    Kim MosesKim Moses16 days ago
  • Love this!!!

    Kiana NicoleKiana Nicole16 days ago
  • Im kind of a new sub to your channel. I found you because I also recently purchased my first home and I was searching for DYI things. You talking about the process and showing us those small clips of each step really hit home with me since I just went through this too. HUGE CONGRATS!!!

    MistaiRek07MistaiRek0716 days ago
  • Congratulations!!! Love, love the snow and the rainbow ❤️❤️

    Tzan ParkerTzan Parker17 days ago
  • Congratulations 🍾 I’m so incredibly inspired by you!! I’ve always wanted to learn carpentry thank you for the many ways you contribute to society and to my life personally!! I frickin adore you!!! 😍 beautiful to see your growth!!

    J Marie LifestyleJ Marie Lifestyle17 days ago
  • Financial team? How do you get one of those??

    msantoschavezmsantoschavez17 days ago
  • I'm happy for you 🥺🥺🥺❤️🤗

    Priyal GajbhiyePriyal Gajbhiye17 days ago
  • This was so so so REAL. Thank you, Rachel. For always bearing your pain with such authenticity. You have no idea how much I needed to see this. For myself. So so SO happy for you, Girl. ❤️🥲

    Makenzie BenoitMakenzie Benoit17 days ago
  • You are truly amazing. So excited to see what you are going to do with your space. Congratulations!!!

    hardi pkkhardi pkk18 days ago
  • Congratulations❣excited to watch your new journey!

    Theresa MassTheresa Mass18 days ago
  • Congratulations on your new journey. You know sometimes we think our problems are so small in comparison with the world problems. But you don't have to solve the world problems only your world problems. And there they can be as big as we think they are. Do I make sense to you? Take care. And I can't wait to see all you are going to do to your new place.

    Rosa ClementRosa Clement18 days ago
  • obvi I'm happy for you but I've been enjoying all of your recent content personally! excited to see what's to come (:

    keighleykeighley18 days ago
  • You are so inspiring in so many ways. Thank you so much for being you and sharing your story. 👏👏❤️

    Riley RobertsRiley Roberts18 days ago
  • New subscriber here after casual viewing over a short time :-) Excited to see your journey. Your real-ness is so love-able!

    G GlydieG Glydie18 days ago
  • Congratulations Rachel!! I literally cried , I’ve been following you for probably 8 years BP ( before Paul) lol I’m so so happy for you !! Blessings to you and Cali .. I can’t wait to see the updates and Woodbrain redo that pond YEW!!!! You go girl ❣️✨

    Lisa SanchezLisa Sanchez18 days ago
  • Loved this style video. Feels so real and I’m here for that

    TBYRDTBYRD18 days ago
  • I can't wait to see what you do with your new place!

    Madelin GoodlandMadelin Goodland18 days ago
  • Wow !! Everywhere I look in the property screams you ! I’m so beyond excited to see how you make it your home sweet home 🥰🥰 so pumped !!!

    Nifty LeighNifty Leigh19 days ago
  • Congratulations Rachel I love your videos so much it’s like a breathe of fresh air I love your personality.

    Michelle ManningMichelle Manning19 days ago
  • Girl I know it's a personal thing, but if you're ever so inclined to share a blog post about your financial growth from the debt and car re-possession to now being able to buy a house I would be so damn grateful! Inspiring af and I think so many women are somewhere along a very similar journey! Seeing you blazing a trail after your breakup has been a source of hope for me all of 2020! Proud of you lady!

    Alyson LofgrenAlyson Lofgren19 days ago
  • LOVE this content! Amazing. This is great. I am so happy for you. What a dream come true! ♡♡ Can't wait to watch your journey!

    Rach0sRach0s19 days ago
  • You deserve this! CONGRATULATIONS! ❤1

    Cece DavisCece Davis19 days ago
  • 🙌🏾👏🏾❤️ we love to see it 🙏🏾

    Martikeyon LewisMartikeyon Lewis20 days ago
  • OMG!! You are so brave and honest and inspirational. you go girl!!

    SianaSiana20 days ago
  • u look beautiful in this video, even thpugh nothing seems to have changed about u 😍

    Jemma JJemma J20 days ago
  • You are beautiful

    JoEllen DessesseauJoEllen Dessesseau20 days ago
  • Congratulations to you! I am so happy you were comfortable to share your painful transitions with us. And I also admire how you still manage to keep some things private for your own sanity. Everything is on divine timing and I cannot wait to see how you spin your new house with your personal style 🤎!

    Amanda RandleAmanda Randle20 days ago
  • i am so happy for you and excited for your new journey 🤎✨ much love and as a reminder you are drop dead gorgeous ms rachel ☺️

    cristtina mariaacristtina mariaa20 days ago
  • You’re so strong! Proud of you!

    Katie AdelsonKatie Adelson20 days ago
  • you’re growth is amazing and you turn your tragedy to a blessing . I can’t wait for all reno’s !! 😆

    brianna washingtonbrianna washington20 days ago
  • im so annoyed, i missed this, now i have to leave the house!! i wana watch 😩😩😩😩

    Jemma JJemma J20 days ago
  • from the bottom of my heart i hope this hone brings you peace and prosperity

    Gianna MarieGianna Marie20 days ago
  • How did you find a financial team? Who/what roles do they comprise of? Thank you for being so authentic, open & honest. Your content is so relatable. Would love your guidance on how/where to even start. Thank you in advance for your guidance & advice. Sincerely, Gina

    Gina LaPlanteGina LaPlante20 days ago
  • Congratulations Rachel

    La Vern Ann MowattLa Vern Ann Mowatt20 days ago
  • I've been patiently waiting for a video and I'm so glad you have somewhere you can call home! Excited for all the content you're about to share. Congratulations!

    MoniqueMonique20 days ago
  • Wow! Congratulations girl! I’m stoked to see the outcome of all the projects. This is such a dope property from the little you’ve shown 👏🏽

    Chantey RuedaChantey Rueda20 days ago
  • Congrats!! I’m so happy for you!!!!!

    45liVEouTLoUd45liVEouTLoUd20 days ago
  • I LOVE the energy of this video! I’ve always admired your rawness and that you willingly share it with the world. I appreciate the videos you filmed while not in a positive headspace. It’s a reminder to us all that we are human and what we feel is real. We are allowed to break. Although painful, your breaking has been a beautiful lesson because it has lead you to this exact moment. As always, thank you for sharing such vulnerable aspects of you life with us! This was very special to watch. Oh and most importantly...CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Ashley YomtovAshley Yomtov20 days ago
  • Congratulations Rachel!!!! You do you girl. We all go through seasons, you have a fresh start!!!

    Cori NagyCori Nagy20 days ago
  • Inspirational

    Boogie Bro’sBoogie Bro’s20 days ago
  • Rachel, I don't like you keep repeating your problems are small in comparison to others and yadda yadda. There will always be better and worse than you; you can not validate how you feel based on others. You should do it based on yourself. If you feel like crap, and it's rough, and you need time, you have the right to, even if someone else has it worse. ♥ NOW GET TO THAT HOUSE GIRL!

    Lisa IsabelleLisa Isabelle21 day ago
  • I love just how raw and genuine your content is. I've seen so few creators be so raw with themselves and their healing. I'm so happy to be a viewer and a part of your journey

    Vanessa TorresVanessa Torres21 day ago
  • Congratulations! I think the best thing I learned from this video is to get a team that can help me make better decisions with my money. I was thinking about it but this is confirmation. Thanks!

    Say WhatSay What21 day ago
  • Congratulations!!!!

    kharlie22kharlie2221 day ago
  • Congratulations!!! I'm sooooop happy for you!! I know its the best feeling in the world to walk in a house and know its yours!! Again Congratulations you deserve it honey!!!

    Tasha BurnsTasha Burns21 day ago
  • Tears of joy watching this!! So freaking happy for u!! Well deserved ❤️

    Nikki LalaNikki Lala21 day ago
  • Where’s a tag for the friends USworlds???

    Jackie DuBJackie DuB21 day ago
  • I'm so happy for you and I look forward to all of your upcoming projects 💗 💖 💕 💛

    Neko LeeNeko Lee21 day ago
  • congrats...this home will be wonderful for your mental health

    Jeanine BrownJeanine Brown21 day ago
  • I took a break from watching USworlds, and you were the first one to pop up, this is so awesome, proud of you!! There is so much going on in the world, but your feelings and emotions you feel are valid, and your problems are still valid. You shouldn't diminish them because they're small, they're big in your world. You are still the badass woman that I was in awe of when I first followed you, and you are going to be the badass woman you were always meant to be. ♡♡

    Maddison WadeMaddison Wade21 day ago
    • And I am so happy to see those videos of YOU being YOURSELF. with the people you love. Joshua Tree is a new start and im so so excited for you ♡♡♡

      Maddison WadeMaddison Wade21 day ago
  • HelloFresh discount doesn't work :/

    Toria MarieToria Marie21 day ago
  • The Bible says to 'love your neighbor as yourself'. So you are important and so is your happiness!

    Karen McNeillKaren McNeill21 day ago
  • You have the kind of presence that quietly tugs at some of the threads of my depression. I felt it, truly, before even realizing the gravitational sway...a sense of comfort and creative escape simply bc of aesthetic, the way you speak, and the (seemingly)casual, organized way you present tasks and projects at hand. I just... appreciate that shit ♡

    amy bledsoeamy bledsoe21 day ago
  • Congratulations Rachel. I am happy happy happy for you. It's been tough I'm very sure!

    Karen McNeillKaren McNeill21 day ago
  • Dear Rachel, there are no small problems so don't apologize. It's the accumulation of "small problems" that lead to bigger problems (like cancer for example), so every kind of suffering and pain, small or big or medium, is to be dealt with and understood and healed. You are an amazing person and it warms our hearts to see you evolve and get over this... Time and self love are a very slow but very efficient cure 🤗🐻💕

    Hati MajiHati Maji21 day ago
  • Love this video! Cant wait for more monthly vlogs ❤️ just cause world is falling apart doesnt mean you dont have a right to struggle with your personal issues. Yours problems are valid and dont ever feel like you have to be stronger than everyone else! So happy to see you move forward 💖

    IdaIda21 day ago
  • I have missed you.

    Mariette DemarestMariette Demarest21 day ago
  • Congratulations! So happy for you and look forward to seeing your home come together. Such a dope piece of property 👍🏼

    Sabrina TorresSabrina Torres21 day ago
  • peace be with you child

    Linda SmithLinda Smith21 day ago
  • Congratulations. Cannot wait to see what you do in your new home.

    Jacqueline DeVoseJacqueline DeVose21 day ago
  • Rachel, I’m not your biggest or longest fan, but hearing you talk made me cry. I cannot imagine breaking up with someone I shared life with for 7 years. But hey 30 is not a bad age to be single! I was 30 when I met my boyfriend and 2 years later we just bought a house together(literally, we are closing tomorrow). Life is good, 32 is not horrifying at all, surprisingly. Good luck! looking forward to your content on the new house!!!!

    Ying YangYing Yang22 days ago
  • From the bottom of my heart: thank you for this. I found your channel last year around the time of your breakup and you've been such an inspiration to me. I just turned 26 and finding someone whose humor, style, and life stages I can relate to has been such an amazing treat. I've felt this un-seen pressure to find someone, settle down and buy a place together and I felt like I was falling behind compared to my peers, especially as a young woman. Seeing you achieve this stunning milestone on your own all while being a bad-ass single woman is the relatable and raw content I need. You've inspired me this past year to become more financially independent and stable so I can become my own homeowner in this next chapter of my own life. I can't wait to see what you do with the place! Much love to you.

    Sofija MrdjaSofija Mrdja22 days ago
  • Looking forward to however long it takes.

    Judy S HallstromJudy S Hallstrom22 days ago
  • Loved this SO MUCH!! Congratulations on the new home Rachel!! 💕💕

    Aubirn ApplewhiteAubirn Applewhite22 days ago