Dec 11, 2020
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Thank you Bed, Bath and Beyond for sponsoring today’s episode! It was so fun to be able to attempt to bring Holly’s vision to life. She’s excited about it whereas I am on the fence still! Regardless, it really haven’t laughed like that in a while so that was worth it in itself. The audio is getting fixed! Found out the mic is a doozy and got a professional one so bare with me through this intro but it’s only going to get better - my apologies xx.
Pampas Grass from Alen Marie Florals:
Fairy Lights
Chicken Wire
1 x 2 Furring Strips
Zip Ties
Plywood 4x4 pre cut sheet
Jigsaw - I recommend a DeWalt or Milwaukee
Fairy Lights
Glass ornaments from Home Goods - no link available
Hairspray once you lay to keep from the fluff coming off and to shape it is what Holly told me!
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  • Whoa let me figure out my audio ASAP - sorry about that! I’ll be a hot mess no more fairly shortly. We are getting back to makeovers next week and I cannot waaaait. Be sure to check the description for the links of some of my go-to presents this year with Bed, Bath and Beyond xx.

    Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
    • If you do this again, you might be able to achieve a floofier look by putting a layer of fake presents down around the bottom before putting the pampas grass into the tree. Then, you can focus more on floofing and less on covering the bottom bc you only need enough grass cover the top 2/3-3/4 of the tree.

      M. ThompsonM. ThompsonMonth ago
    • Regarding your audio, it sounds like you may be experiencing some sort of interference with the lav! Maybe try changing the audio channel your on, or try to keep other electronics away from it (like your phone, mine gives me issues sometimes). But regardless, I hope it resolved itself easily. :) if you need help at all troubleshooting I’m your gal!

      Anastasia KlimovitzAnastasia Klimovitz2 months ago
    • Rachel, quick question, after finding out the cost (crazy AF, by the way) do you maybe think that the original tree and base idea was maybe constructed in three individual pieces, so it would appear ‘fuller’ with less stems. Just a question. I absolutely love what you created and have no idea how you just didn’t burst out in tears when you got the message regarding the price! You a much stronger woman than me cuz I’d have been so absolutely deflated, I would have walked a way screaming/crying! Thanks for another amazing creation!

      Marni LaneMarni Lane2 months ago
    • @lara yup! I also mention that in the description. We used it after we set the tree.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
    • Hey, someone in the comments said to try to use hairspray to help with the shedding! Hopefully that helps a bit :)

      laralara2 months ago
  • You paid for the pampas grass and left the shop they aren't allowed to contact you and demand you pay the rest of the bill because they messed it up that's harassment 😡 I definitely wound'nt have took the pampas grass back and i would not have replied back to them.

    kfordgalkfordgal9 days ago
  • Can you please try to make this moon-mirror? It’s like $4 000 - $15 000 but they are so beautiful!!!

    Ida AndersenIda AndersenMonth ago
  • Nooooo🤪

    Jana HJana HMonth ago
  • I don't know how i have seen this video guess it got lost

    Beautiful and BelovedBeautiful and BelovedMonth ago
  • Glitter...expensive glitter!!!! Thanks for your transparency!

    T HarbinT HarbinMonth ago
  • Oh my gosh.. that tree is absolutely gorgeous!

    Jennika DarlingJennika DarlingMonth ago

    Krista Carroll MusicKrista Carroll MusicMonth ago

    Krista Carroll MusicKrista Carroll MusicMonth ago
  • That's such a massive mix up!!

    Punky PiePunky PieMonth ago
  • it reminds me of cousin “it” off of the adams family. but yes nice tree 🤍

    De’JanaeDe’Janae2 months ago
  • Looking like Sasquatch fur??

    Connie BradshawConnie Bradshaw2 months ago
  • Looked like cousin It

    Niel WongNiel Wong2 months ago
  • It turned out to look so pretty, i love it! I think it looks great and simple and something fun to DIY.

    Eden KupkaEden Kupka2 months ago
  • pampas grass + hairspray = less mess

    Kaitlin WalderaKaitlin Waldera2 months ago
  • I totally admire you and your channel but pampas is super invasive and disruptive to wildlife. More info here:

    thisisstephthisissteph2 months ago
  • Hey everyone!!❤️ Would u please check out my firtst Christmas video on my new channel Emms World! I would apreciate that!! Merry Christmas!!!!

    Emms WorldEmms World2 months ago
  • Super cute! Love neutral Christmas decoration! :)

    LuLuisaLuLuisa2 months ago
  • You are so skilled! It’s always so great to see how all your work comes together in the end!

    C OC O2 months ago
  • There's a spray in garden stores that is for prevent drying on natural stuff And makes it last longer, even years.

    Ernesto Mondragon RomeroErnesto Mondragon Romero2 months ago
  • Love your Chanel, hate that tree 😂

    StephanieStephanie2 months ago
  • That was fun! I wonder how it is doing now that you (and dogs) have been living with it? Is the pampas grass holding up?

    Alexandra CarterAlexandra Carter2 months ago
  • At what point did you just wish you went to the tree farm and got a regular tree 🤣🤣

    ayyMidnightayyMidnight2 months ago
  • It think it turned out stunning! I love pampas, there's just something about it. It's so boho cozy in there now. Love it!

    Alexis CruzAlexis Cruz2 months ago
  • Adding hairspray holds the pampas for not shedding as much!

    I SaydeeI Saydee2 months ago
  • That is such an LA looking Bed Bath & Beyond lol

    Kira DeAKira DeA2 months ago
  • I need to make a tree now because everyone brought them in NZ and now im stuck lol hahaha but this helps forsure!!

    Princess WhiokePrincess Whioke2 months ago
  • there is a plethora of that ish on the sides of the road here in New Zealand. I could send you some 😂😂😂 might have to do it middle of night just in case it might be on private property.

    Rochelle RandeniyaRochelle Randeniya2 months ago
  • Thank you for sharing your gifts 🙏🏽💙

    PESSOA TVPESSOA TV2 months ago
  • It reminds me of a mix between "Cousin itt", "Chewbacca" and "Captain Caveman" 😂😂😂😂😂😂. But it is definitely a unique tree and perfect for this 2020 madness. I like it 👍

    NatNat2 months ago
  • Instead of getting a place when you move out of holly’s house you should buy a van and convert it!

    Savannah MontgomerySavannah Montgomery2 months ago
  • Woooow I love this idea, such a modern tree. I really think that you did great! The only thing... Because it is so expensive, I would recommend to do it only if you live next to a place where you can collect Pampas Grass by yourself in the nature. Sara Nena DIY

    Sara NenaSara Nena2 months ago
  • i feel so close with you. it’s odd! i love when you upload because it feels like catching up with an old friend🧡

    Gracie BerryGracie Berry2 months ago
  • Okay may be weird but I seen 200 and was thinking who the f#@k would pay that much for dry grass then I hear 1600 and I was laughing... No way I'm going sea site and cutting it myself for that price!

    Caroline StanczukCaroline Stanczuk2 months ago
  • You can use hairspray to keep the pampas from shedding! 😉😊

    KylieKylie2 months ago
  • I’m not a fan of pampas grass but heck I’d watch you make a tree out of garbage bags if you made one 🤣😂 You’re so fun to watch. Thank you Rachel! ❤️🎄🎁❤️🎄🎁

    Denise SDenise S2 months ago
  • Love the tree buy I need to know where you got that cactus Christmas wrapping paper 😍

    Rhymes ReimaginedRhymes Reimagined2 months ago
  • it looks like a cartoon character that i dont remember it name 😂🤣

    raghad alnomanraghad alnoman2 months ago
  • What's worst: Pampas grass or glitter? $1600, no ma'am. :)

    Maria CorneilMaria Corneil2 months ago
  • Libera legenda em português 🙏😍♥️

    Mayara e DaniloMayara e Danilo2 months ago
  • I think it looks way more romantic than the original tree

    Asia PupaAsia Pupa2 months ago

    X XX X2 months ago
  • CLICKED SO FAST!!! Yaaaaaaas!!! This is the diy I never knew I always wanted!

    Promise JubileePromise Jubilee2 months ago
  • I think it is a stunning idea and now I’m thinking about recreating one day. I would try something like hairspray to keep it from shedding and string the lights going vertically instead of layering it around the tree. But I thought it is a great idea for a modern glam Christmas tree.

    sheenamccarthy24sheenamccarthy242 months ago
  • Discovered you today by seeing you fall out of a pool from Schmoxd's video. And now I'm in love. Living in a desert country in Africa, this will be the perfect Christmas tree.

    Anna-Ward ShilongoAnna-Ward Shilongo2 months ago
  • It's a cool idea. If you used a tomato cage as the base then it would probably be less work plus you could achieve a fuller look for less money.

    C GC G2 months ago
  • While I'm not really feelin' the tree, I can appreciate the creativity. I also appreciate the super calm demeanor when realizing the actual price- whoa and wtf! By the way, was it ever mentioned why Holly is opposed to a traditional real tree, if she is at all?

    Paula FarmerPaula Farmer2 months ago
  • Woahhhhh hold up!!! That’s incredible

    Alyza YasenchackAlyza Yasenchack2 months ago
  • I honestly enjoy all your videos, even this one but I think this project was a fail (sorry Rachel 🙈) because all I can think of is Chewbacca covered in Christmas decorations lol 😅

    Kathe RinaKathe Rina2 months ago
  • I don’t know how different it is in California but in New York pampas grass grows on the side of the road....

    Angie BaptisteAngie Baptiste2 months ago
  • Doesn't pampas grass grow wild in LA?.....for free.

    Nella ChavezNella Chavez2 months ago
  • would be so expensive for the grass tho but everything you do is great

    shannon carrshannon carr2 months ago
  • Looking at the original, I wonder if they used a skinny light colored Christmas tree and covered the branches with the grass to get that horizontal floppy pillowy effect. Fun to watch yours.

    Elizabeth ChaneyElizabeth Chaney2 months ago
  • What jigsaw do you recommend? I have the Ryobi (new) one and yeah, it's not my favorite.

    Liz FloresLiz Flores2 months ago
    • We just bought a new Makita one ant it literally glides through the wood like through butter! So good

      Kathe RinaKathe Rina2 months ago
  • I have a tip for you that worked for me! You hold the pampas grass upright and spray with some hairspray and fluff it a little. It will look much better 💗

    Lola DalmauLola Dalmau2 months ago
  • I have a tip for you that worked for me! You hold the pampas grass upright and spray with some hairspray and fluff it a little. It will look much better 💗

    Lola DalmauLola Dalmau2 months ago
  • I’ve seen some ppl use hairspray to help them not shed so maybe if u hair spray them opposite it’ll give a lift

    Allie LopezAllie Lopez2 months ago
  • LOL! Rachel, you were right on the money when you said this tree looks like Cousin Itt! Gomez and Morticia would be happy!

    linjayshalinjaysha2 months ago
  • I watched all the ads so you can afford your grass tree. 😉🤣

    BarriBarri2 months ago
  • But...... how do you PUT IT AWAY?!?

    CaassiopeiaCaassiopeia2 months ago
  • Thanks for this video. I have pampas grass that I planted in my yard. I can do this supper cheap. I LOVE my pampas grass!!!! Merry Christmas!!!! PS...Mines going to go outside under the covered deck. They shed terribly.

    kathy beckkathy beck2 months ago
  • I think if you bought a cheap slim but sturdy Christmas tree, you could probably wire each pampas piece to the existing branches until the original tree is no longer visible and the branches would stick out more..but it could mean more pampas stems? Idk..your version is pretty cool looking.. I’m just trying to think of an even more lazy method 😂 I know ppl are saying the price mistake is their problem not yours..true, but I like how you compromised...shows you have empathy and makes it easier to sleep at night 😉

    Kristina LeaKristina Lea2 months ago
  • Spray your pompass with hair spray. It keeps them from shedding all over the place.

    M. Gaelle DariusM. Gaelle Darius2 months ago
  • Shake and hairspray the pampas it will make it fuller

    Asa the Cre8urAsa the Cre8ur2 months ago
  • I loved that you still went through with this even though you weren't sure

    Tali 0Tali 02 months ago
  • It’s gorgeous!

    Velvet & ToadsVelvet & Toads2 months ago
  • Baaahaaaa🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I’m dead. Bichhhh you said cousin IT😂😂😂😂😂. I'm on the damn floor girl w/ laughter. It turned out great tho Rach as always w/ you boo👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 #HillbillyElegyVibe

    VPfyiVPfyi2 months ago
    • @Living to DIY with Rachel Metz but it looks good tho girl. I promise😮BTW when you were in the garage, girl you look beautiful like you’re glowing with highlight on but you’re makeup less. Wowwww you are a natural beauty! Ya skin is flawless 😘

      VPfyiVPfyi2 months ago
    • 😫

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • Please don’t take this the wrong way but I’ve been a fan of yours for a while now. I’ve notice that over the past few months the work that you have done has been like you heart isn’t really in it. More or less it is what it is . I love you love your work but you have done a lot better. 🙏🏾🙏🏾 love you sis

    kitkat0815kitkat08152 months ago
    • You have to consider I'm in a life transition xx.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • That wasn't your mistake if they sold you products for the wrong price. You're not obligated at that point to pay them extra or return after the transaction. It's their fault, and typically business insurance covers losses like that. Or that's just a cost they would have to eat. That's very tacky of them to come after you after the fact.

    Vicky MVicky M2 months ago
  • You should have done a mini one and just bought a real Christmas tree lol but this was entertaining to watch

    lshardy1uplshardy1up2 months ago
  • Btw lol used hair spray stops it from going every day lol

    Eve REve R2 months ago
  • I would say try colorful lights to brighten up!

    GELYSSAGELYSSA2 months ago
  • As always I adore your realness Rachel. Keep being you! Xxx

    the unstable ladiesthe unstable ladies2 months ago
    • 🖤

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • AWESOME Dupe!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!! LOL, Pampas Grass grows everywhere in my state! BTW, you have to spray the grass with hairspray.

    swonsleyswonsley2 months ago
  • Hey Rachel- sorry I’m late to the game.🥴 I actually like the concept, it does feel very boho to me, and I like that. I know their was some definite struggles throughout this process and I have no clue on what to do to make it easier/better.🤷🏻‍♀️ I am curious if it’s still up and/or have you tweaked it? All in all I like it, you worked really hard on this, even through your frustrations. Huge kudos from me girl. Thanks for sharing.🥰🙏🏼❤️🎄

    Jlyn DJlyn D2 months ago
  • That. Is. Everything. I actually like it better than the viral version. I wouldn’t want it quite that full.

    TheLeftLane IsTheFastLaneTheLeftLane IsTheFastLane2 months ago
    • 🖤

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • This looks amazing Rachel for a new jigsaw you should check out the bosch easy cut nano blade saw I have been wanting one forever its meant to be great less reverb on your hands and because of the type of blade it even does plunge cuts definitely worth checking out for you not massively expensive just as I have 5 kids never my top priority x

    Dion CollingsDion Collings2 months ago
  • the idea is quite good but, after watching the struggle, I would have put a strong light inside the structure before the wire then small lights on top of the wire then the pampa... have a wonderful Holiday and keep on the good work!!!!

    dominique Sardelldominique Sardell2 months ago
  • It looks great but It it looks like a creepy monster! 😂

    Annabelle S-SAnnabelle S-S2 months ago
  • You guys can see if you can find pampas in the wild if possible, but I don't know if you would find enough to make a whole tree.... not sure if this is a really practical DIY. When it comes to mess with pampas, hairspray is your best friend!

    Krispy KebabKrispy Kebab2 months ago
  • Um, lol OKAY. That tree looks like Snuffleupagus when you go in on the silver balls. LOL

    ShadowessShadowess2 months ago
    • 😂

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz2 months ago
  • If 2020 was a tree 💀

    RB ARB A2 months ago
  • I kind of think even $240 is too much for a single-use tree. I would pay that much for an artificial tree that can be used year after year but this looks too much like a dead tree and the mess is too much trouble. Also it looks so flammable. It would go up like a torch if one spark hit it.

    lestrangelestrange2 months ago
  • for the cleaning part, you should spray the tree with hair spray which will make it less messy and hopefully will make you clean less 😂

    Hissa MHissa M2 months ago
  • it looks great to me! well done

    Ксюша ШевченкоКсюша Шевченко2 months ago
  • your tree is different, but cute

    Artlady BluntzerArtlady Bluntzer2 months ago
  • Tip- you can make your own grass with dowels and yarn. Lone Fox did a DIY on it probably be way less expensive maybe a little time consuming though. Still I think it looks very good!

    Terry SmithTerry Smith2 months ago
  • ❤️

    Julio MartinezJulio Martinez2 months ago
  • I say A for effort. Lol. I am glad though that you were able to get a moment to nest. Being able to do that can be very therapeutic.

    Jasmine LopezJasmine Lopez2 months ago
  • Girl! You are amazing!!!!

    Barbie AndrewsBarbie Andrews2 months ago
  • Don't feel discouraged. It came out good but you can make it better. My mom is a florist and when using pampas grass she needs to process it so that it looks it's best. She takes off the outer layer on the stem, fluffs them up by gently pulling the opposite way to feather out, then sprays with adhesive spray or hairspray. It's time consuming but the result makes a huge difference. Another thing I've seen her do with arrangements featuring pampas, is diving the "feather" part in two or three stems to create depth and dimension. Thank you Rachel for sharing, I always wondered how to create the structure and this tutorial is so helpful for other floral projects for the flower world! Who would have thought the answer was zip ties! Thank you! I will be sharing with my mom.

    Judith RomeroJudith Romero2 months ago
  • for all who love over-the-top & tacky like me: imagine this with ostrich feathers

    Lila DurrettLila Durrett2 months ago
    • That would be very very sad for the ostrich!!!!!!

      anneimwunderlandanneimwunderlandMonth ago
    • That would be worth it!

      With These HandsWith These Hands2 months ago
  • Rachel, I spray the pompas grass I have in my home with hairspray. It keeps all the fly always in place and way less messy.

    Chelsee LuuChelsee Luu2 months ago
  • Its so cute!

    Alyssa HoughAlyssa Hough2 months ago
  • My friend gave me a picture of a Christmas design, i was like way easy to me. Two hours later.. well this is real life and those just the picture 😁

    santaclausnmsantaclausnm2 months ago
  • Maybe using the stems as a base layer and then covering them up with the pampas would add the volume you were looking for? Or even wrapping the ends of the pampas with floral wire so that you could bend the stems and arrange them straight out rather than just laying flat

    Jaclyn BJaclyn B2 months ago
  • Maybe they put something under the pampas grass (with the same color) before putting the pampas to make it fluffier. Because the pampas is going down instead of side ways. (sorry not good with my explanation). But yours looks good also specially that you made it yourself. ❤️

    Malou Gordon CañeteMalou Gordon Cañete2 months ago
  • how in the world did she not spray each of these o_O

    Kristi BeiseckerKristi Beisecker2 months ago
  • Ok so I absolutely love BoHo vibes however people need to stop paying these prices for stuff and they couldn't charge that much!! That's CRAZY EXPENSIVE!! IT LOOKS AMAZING BUT DAMN! I would've died when they called and told me. I would've took it back. P.S I live in West Virginia and a few of my neighbors have these giant bushes that look like just like pampas grass. I was gonna ask if I could get a few clippings from them. Looks like I'm definitely going that route now. I haven't looked into buying it.. Simply because I can't see paying for grass! Unless I'm planting it lol

    Sarah CurrenceSarah Currence2 months ago
  • I think you did a great job!!

    Destinyj7Destinyj72 months ago