Feb 15, 2021
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Another man’s trash is another woman’s treasure and I honestly LOVE how simple yet cute it is. If there is one thing this city is full of…it’s authentic charm and I intend to keep as much as I can. You know how much I love my friends so I thought it’d be fun to incorporate this into piece that was OG from Mike’s previous owner, give it new life and make Mike fall in love with it after wanting to throw it away to be his breathe of fresh air in one of my favorite spots to decompress and watch the sunset at his place.
#Ad ZirconTools keeps showing me tools I wish I had sooner! Their MetalliScanner m40 has been my go-to when finding small objects like screws and nails in the lumber I wish to use as I scour my newly accumulated piles of reclaimed lumber. On top of that, I have no stress knowing that if I run into lath and plaster, the m40 will let me know where the nail heads in the studs lie in my walls. It even works on concrete, which is a plus as I work my way through my older desert home. Click the link (bit.ly/2LOk5eg) and use my code RACH-M40 to get your MetalliScanner m40 plus a free Leak Alert water detector with your purchase. Valid 2/12/2021 - 3/15/2021.
00:00-00:54 Before of Mike's Bench
00:55-01:47 Take Apart
01:48-03:01 Paint + Prime
03:02-03:30 Sanding Down
03:35-04:05 Before of Seating Area
05:00-09:00 Zircon MetalliScanner
09:04-10:10 Putting it Back Together
10:25-13:00 Reveal and After of Seating Area
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Rust Rustoleum primer: amzn.to/3pl9bKUOutdoor
Poly Finish: amzn.to/3qmH53l
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  • Here’s a short and sweet thrift flip that I couldn’t leave Mike’s without doing something to! We are wrapping up this Zircon series with one more video and back to less sponsored content. Also please know and note: I read all your comments and hear your feedback loud and clear! I am not turning or trying to turn into one of those USworldsr’s with only sponsored content but it’s been pretty heavy the last couple months which isn’t the best look. Now that Cali and I are in our home FINALLY …March is the kickoff of the house content so we’ll be slowing down and getting back to OG Rachel home improvement thangs. I appreciate your patience, I understand your frustration but promise you it’s worth the wait. I’m just as inpatient and frustrated as well - forever loving you guys xx.

    Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz11 days ago
    • Rachel, Small projects matter too! They are the cherry on top. 😊 Pace yourself, I know you are excited and really ready for a place of your own but you don’t want to wear yourself out. I found I was more apt to hurt myself or make mistakes if I pushed too hard to get things done fast...and in the end I’d be so exhausted I didn’t feel like doing anything for months after. Happy seeing what I’d accomplished but I had no energy to start back up. Kind of think I was being manic about it all. 😬 Anyway, enjoy the process. I was taught to live with a house/garden for a while before actually redoing it so I understood where the light/weather came from, what was already there but hidden by the season (garden) and just how I lived in the space. Which rooms are you drawn to, that sort of thing. Looking forward to this next chapter in your life!

      Marty MaloneyMarty Maloney3 days ago
    • Some people complain about YOUR sponsorships?! Do THEY pay your bill or what? Because unless they pay for your bills, they DONT have a say on what you do on your channel. We love knowing what tools are out there waiting to be discovered or other products or services that will help us. So please don't ever be discouraged or affected by these nonsayers. They're just jealous.

      Hey, it's KayeHey, it's Kaye10 days ago
    • Love your simple touches Rachel! Makes a whole lot different. What you did with the bedroom of Mike looks SUPERB PRO 100 too! Don’t need to apologies for your journey and process. The people that matter with stay. The people that don’t, will not. Keep doing whatchaaas douinggg Rachellzzzzzzz. Take careeee! ;)

      Josh ManJosh Man11 days ago
    • I Love seeing you so happy, don't apologize for enjoying your life or having sponsors! A lot of us enjoy mini makeovers, it reminds us that we don't need to do a big makeover to see a big change! ❤

      Val KellyVal Kelly11 days ago
    • Rachel...GO MAKE YOUR MONEY! 💰💰💰The sponsors chose you because of your talent! I don’t care how many sponsors you have. If you can make a living on USworlds doing what you love that’s AWESOME 👏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ As long as you & your fur baby are happy, f*#% ‘em.

      Denise SDenise S11 days ago
  • Okay I just open her page and her videos and her playlist aren't popping up is this happening with anybody else

    Kayla FairclothKayla FairclothDay ago
  • You do you, Rachel! I’m just happy to watch you work and I actually enjoy learning about some new tools in the process . I’m excited to see your new home and follow it’s transformation.

    USMC SherriUSMC SherriDay ago
  • I nearly lost my s***t when I saw that bench! I restored a pipe bench just like that one for my old man's birthday a few years back! Long story short, he helped me restore a bench for my mother, got a little attached, and got a little sad when we had to give it back to her all fixed up. Later ran off to a yard sale and found another bench, just like the one you restored, and had me fix it up. I replaced the old boards with walnut boards, got fresh shiny hardware, and painted the pipe green. It was a fun project, and the bench came out amazing. I hope Mike likes your restoration. It's a nice look, that pine against the pink!

    andrew Infanteandrew Infante2 days ago
  • 😗

    Gold FormationGold Formation3 days ago
  • I love it! ;)

    Donna HumphriesDonna Humphries3 days ago
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    Laura BrownLaura Brown4 days ago
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    John SuozziJohn Suozzi5 days ago
  • We 🖤 you girl!! We don’t care if you do back flips, backyard flips, flip the 🦅!!! You do you!!! We’ll keep watching 🖤🖤🖤 EDIT: 🤣😂🤣 seriously, 🤣😂🤣 I’m sorry 🤣😂🤣 about the fight 🤣😂🤣 with the Joshua tree!!

    trick351trick3515 days ago
  • Beautiful sunset!!!

    Monica PilgreenMonica Pilgreen5 days ago
  • Love how you have taken the adversity of life and no i can do better, well done on you for that👊

    Donata Coombs FarrellDonata Coombs Farrell5 days ago
  • I have this same bench and have been trying to build up the courage to flip it, this might just be the push I Needed! Thank you!

    Megan WorthenMegan Worthen5 days ago
  • Ah! Where have you and Cali been all my life?! I can’t believe I just now found your channel. You’re amazing and I’ve been binge watching your videos! ❤️

    VictoriaVictoria5 days ago
  • You know rechal after ur break up with Paul whenever i watch ur vidios i feel ..u r still broken nd every day u collects ur parts nd glue it again nd present urself to be a new person..but trust me ur frenzy is clearly visible in ur vidio now..u really need some one to hold u nd to console u..i can only pray 4 ur victory over ur inner fight ..4 ur success nd serenity..God bless u ever..love from pakistan(asia)

    Saba ShaukatSaba Shaukat6 days ago
  • I'm new to this channel. I'm not sure why you apologized so much for doing making over this chair. I also don't know who Mike is 😂 anyway take time for yourself and make the videos you want. Thanks for sharing 👍👍

    RosyRosy6 days ago
  • I actually love this mini bench diy!

    ColeCole7 days ago
  • That end shot of the sunset was so beautiful it almost made me cry - That view is a dream

    bethany moffbethany moff7 days ago
  • It's a new journey and I'm so excited for you girl. U deserve it.

    gigigigi7 days ago
  • You do you Boo!!! I love everything you do on your channel!!! Easy? I was thinking I couldn't fix the metal part at al!!! Lol. You rock!!

    Cori NagyCori Nagy7 days ago
  • wow those sunsets are seriously amazing

    Jenna GagnonJenna Gagnon7 days ago
  • That last scene was phenomenal. I love the desert, love the DIY, love seeing your journey as always 🌵☀️

    Roxanna ZalesRoxanna Zales8 days ago
  • Just wondering, is she done with Holly's place? No more makeovers there?

    sullenboisullenboi8 days ago
  • I loved this mini DIY!! Please feel free to do more of them!!

    Ashley StoweAshley Stowe8 days ago
  • Loved this!! And don't stress about small makeovers! 💕

    Maz JohanssonMaz Johansson8 days ago
  • As much as I love the big makeovers, I really love the easy DIYs. It gives me something I can try in my apartment :) thank you!

    L LL L8 days ago
  • One word, SUNSET!!

    Courtney NorrisCourtney Norris8 days ago
  • So much cuteness and inspiration in such a mini diy 💓

    SkyeSkye9 days ago
  • Love the sunset 😭♥️

    Maryam AliMaryam Ali9 days ago
  • Where the heck did you find coveralls that fit you? I'm super tiny: 5'3" and 110 lbs, so finding coveralls that fit me is almost impossible. What is your recommendation? Thanks - San Diego, CA

    B GouletB Goulet9 days ago
  • I loved this, do more!

    katflpkatflp9 days ago
  • I wish you’d do more smaller project videos like this one! Its fun to watch and its inspiration and more doable for beginners! 🥰

    Esther RouillardEsther Rouillard9 days ago
  • Looks great, and you upcycled😊luv the colour. Sounds like life is moving foreward in a positive way.

    Heather Laird-McLeodHeather Laird-McLeod9 days ago
  • I love this smaller relaxed diy vid! You make great content :)

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  • What did you use to cover up the fence? I loved that :)

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  • I love this Rach! Don't apologize for doing something "different", were there for you and your creative mind, not just what you do and make over! 😘

    IngridlosneslokkenIngridlosneslokken9 days ago
  • This was such an awesome lil refresh! I would never have thought of pink but it’s perfect!

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  • I’m typically pretty anti pink but I’ve been liking it more seeing you use it in your makeovers!

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  • Girl stop apologizing for being human! I loved this and don’t mind waiting until you post!💓

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    Because_I_Have_ToBecause_I_Have_To9 days ago
  • I love this video, I’m so excited to see how she does her house !!

    RAD’S WORLDRAD’S WORLD10 days ago
  • Dont apologize, its awesome and ok to take a break ❤️

    Keila TapiaKeila Tapia10 days ago
  • I like the open holes in the bench too, but can't bees nest in it??

    Michelle DemoMichelle Demo10 days ago
  • Rachel, I hope I am not out of line saying this, but please stop apologising for things and justifying the choices you make on your channel regarding content. We're here for the ride and part of that is taking the twists and turns with you. Do you really want anyone who doesn't support you on that to stick around and be part of your community? You're amazing and I think we're all just happy to see you grow, blossom and express your creativity.

    quadboxquadbox10 days ago
  • Very Cool.

    randy huffrandy huff10 days ago
  • I love that bench makeover!!! FYI, you can give us easy makeovers and we'll love you just the same. Give me any content and I'm a happy girl with tools. ❤️ I love that sunset!! 🌇

    Nikki KNikki K10 days ago
  • Glad to see you taking it easier for a minute and getting comfy in your new place. You seem lighter and happier doing your own thing.

    Cade JohnsonCade Johnson10 days ago
  • I loved this Rachel!

    Lisa KLisa K10 days ago
  • The pink was such a nice choice with the natural wood, a total vibe. For anyone complaining about the sponsored content, those people must not know the literally journey Rachel has been on over the last year. Her whole world turned up side down and she's continued to upload for us during all of this. She's an angel for that. These sponsorships have helped her buy a god damn house. You go girl! Can't wait to see what you do with a place of your own - finally!!

    Alida LessardAlida Lessard10 days ago
  • Sick!

    melvin kimmelvin kim10 days ago
  • Love love love the pink and natural wood look

    Em JEm J10 days ago
    • Thank you!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz10 days ago
  • I love it! 😍

    xojslynxojslyn10 days ago
  • I love the bench and I don't even like pink.❤😂 But you're right. It does look cute in the desert.❤❤

    Dark Sea NymphDark Sea Nymph10 days ago
    • Thank you!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz10 days ago
  • I love this so much! I really don't mind a lighter project interspersed here and there, it's all about finding a good balance for you.

    Serina Helene LjungSerina Helene Ljung10 days ago
    • Thank you!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz10 days ago
  • Fabulous 👍

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    • Thank you 🙏🏼.

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz10 days ago
  • I liked this. I've been trying to research for a USworlds video like yours that explains the topics in this vid!Your vid is like the content from Dr Ethan! Ethan's tips are helpful and he helped me on finals! He is an awesome medical student in Europe. You should check his channel out and give Dr Ethan a like! 👉 #FutureDrEthan

    Ayo OgAyo Og10 days ago
    • Thank you for watching!

      Living to DIY with Rachel MetzLiving to DIY with Rachel Metz10 days ago
  • Oh my goodness, girl! You do NOT need to apologise! This is your channel. Use it the way you want. I’ve enjoyed every single video. They’ve all been different and have shown different sides of your creativity. I’m watching this channel because of YOU! You do what you need / want to do, and I’ll follow you. I’m along for the ride - wherever you take us. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • One's trash is another's treasure. Great video!

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  • Patiently waitin for your home reno/reveal😊

    Eyngie LouEyngie Lou10 days ago
  • Please don't apologize for doing something different! Variety is a spice, you know. I do wish you could have shown what you did to the slider to make it sturdy and straight: did you just screw all the pieces back in nice and snug?

    kcandedkcanded10 days ago
  • Rachel's the best person I've ever come across in my whole life, I'm not even kidding rn. She has a huge heart and it shows when she likes & replies to each and every comment. Just like I said in the comments of the previous videos, it feels like I know her personally. I hope you keep being a badass with an amazing heart ❤️

    Rini MukherjeeRini Mukherjee10 days ago
  • I love the color! My dad just refreshed a bench we found on the curve. As you, he said it was easy but I would have probably have over thought it and it would still be sitting outside as we founded. He didn’t go this colorful on it tho. 😆

    Yaneth AndradeYaneth Andrade10 days ago
  • I love the bench and that you took the scroll part off!

    Jade CJade C10 days ago
  • Ok ok I have to ask, how do you keep your nails so nice?!!!! My minor league DIY totally rips my hands apart.

    Jade CJade C10 days ago
  • This is so awsome! I actually love thrift flips because it helps to learn what materials are salvageable, how to do it, what tools I’ll need, etc. I really appreciate you showing the damaged pieces and explaining the issue and what to replace it with!

    Jennifer RiedelJennifer Riedel10 days ago
  • My only gripe - why are you apologizing for this little gem of a video? We’re going to have a front porch on sweet little home we’re moving into and now I want a pink and natural wood glider!

    mtzjotzmtzjotz10 days ago
  • You are apologizing too much. 😀❤️😀❤️❤️. We like all the stuff you do. Small, medium, large, x-large.

    Linda RosenthalLinda Rosenthal10 days ago
  • Love it! Very nice job

    Rosanna Abreu de LeónRosanna Abreu de León10 days ago
  • It’s beautiful!!

    Raegan GillanRaegan Gillan10 days ago
  • i LOVE the pink with that lighter wood. it’s so chic and so gorgeous, and i love seeing you work with colour!

    brittaniabrittania10 days ago
  • super cute upcycle!!

    Sue DavisSue Davis10 days ago
  • It looks great! Love how you reuse and renew the old glider.

    Rebecca VinyardRebecca Vinyard10 days ago
  • We lived in 29 palms for half a decade. It's so crazy beautiful to see those sunsets over familiar areas again:) Love the bench!

    K FK F10 days ago
  • This Zircon metal detector is a giant waste of money. What was that a 3 minute description of how to use it? Just use a neodymium magnet and find exactly where the nail is with no calibration. If you don't want to put a 50 cent magnet on a string you can spend $8 at Home depot to get a magnetic stud finder. I don't even think the Hanson magnetic stud finder even has instructions because it is so simple and obvious. It needs no calibration and finds the exact location of the nail. For lathe and plaster it is the best and cheapest way to find studs. Why any other method is sold is just a money grab. If finding nails in reclaimed wood is your thing just get a $25 metal detector wand from Ebay or Amazon like the ones used by concert security guards. It will have a much larger head and work better for you. I realize both commercial tools combined might be the same price as this one tool, but each individual tool is way better at its job than this Zircon POS.

    Nick HildenbrandtNick Hildenbrandt10 days ago
    • Hi Nick. Magnetic "stud finders" may stick strongly to the head of a drywall screw because it is a large mass of metal and very close to the surface, but they typically do not work well, or at all, on lath and plaster walls depending on the thickness of the plaster and the size of the nails or tacks fastening the lath to the studs. If the user only feels just a slight pull of the magnet on plaster walls it can be very hard to tell. Having audio and visual indicators, like on the MetalliScanner m40, make the job much easier and are also very handy for scanning reclaimed lumber, and for locating rebar in concrete. While it's true that one must calibrate the m40, it’s a nice feature that allows the user to adjust sensitivity to his/her needs and only takes a couple seconds. The major downside of magnetic stud finders when used on drywall is that the builder's view of the studs was blocked by the drywall so the nails may not be in the center of the stud. This could result in the user drilling into the wall near the edge of the stud and accidentally hitting electrical.

      ZirconTVZirconTV9 days ago
  • God I love you Rachel! I love this adventure you’re on and I love that I kinda feel like I’m included. So happy for you🤍🤍🤍

    Sarah DSarah D10 days ago
  • Please tell me Rachel has cowhide effect nail polish. Please 😊 So fits her new life.

    Jodi ZJodi Z10 days ago
  • Rachel, you don’t have to justify your videos we love them all! Either way, great flip!

    inroom108inroom10810 days ago
  • I’m so glad you did this. For you (also Mike too). This slower paced time will be needed before you start on your own place so I don’t blame you. Another great video :) Thankyou! Thankyou Cali for your help too hehe 🐾

    Anna VarettoAnna Varetto10 days ago
  • Love love love all the colors! Keep it up. I am looking forward to seeing your new place and following along on all the changes.

    Janet DeatonJanet Deaton10 days ago
  • I love that Cali gets up on your lap and looking out the sunset. Aww 🥰

    Your Access To The Red Carpet!Your Access To The Red Carpet!10 days ago
  • Why are you always apologizing? I love the pink, even though I am not a pink girl. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I like anything as long as it's not white everywhere. Thanks for this video, Rachel❣ P.S.: What's Mike's channel? I searched on USworlds and got a bunch of nonsense. 🤨🙂

    Isis31Isis3110 days ago
  • Thanks for the info on the Zircon device... Looks easy to use. 🔧🔨🔩

    Ana BlancasAna Blancas11 days ago
  • Rachel’s idea of a relaxing reset weekend is a diy that looks like a PITA with all that sanding. My idea of a reset weekend is not doing any diys but watching someone else do them 😂

    JJ 32JJ 3211 days ago
  • I love this because Americans throw away too many things. It's good for another 30 years now!

    Holly HamiltonHolly Hamilton11 days ago
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    Ashley SchenkerAshley Schenker11 days ago
  • You are doing a great job - mini diy - we still love it regardless. I really like the pink and I am not a pink fan.

    Gulhan SevdiGulhan Sevdi11 days ago
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    m c k y n z i em c k y n z i e11 days ago
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    Neelivé SerranoNeelivé Serrano11 days ago
  • Keep doing the sponsorships!! Make that money girl! Sponsorships allow USworldsrs to do more of what they love to do, it's ridiculous to have to apologize for them. I will watch every single sponsorship ad and whatever else makes you money, because your content is always bomb AF. Including the easier thrift flip. I've enjoyed seeing your creativity flourish so much already in Joshua Tree, and I look forward to seeing you grow even more!

    Kira DurbinKira Durbin11 days ago
  • I believe all of your subscribers love this kind of content as well, so please take it easy more times ! Its good for you to show us your creativity in that way, you will give us ideas to flip something in our houses too ! We know you are a badass of demo and reno, but that must exausting ahahahahah

    Sofia PonteSofia Ponte11 days ago
  • Saludos...te quedo muy lindo todo

    Edith ChavarinEdith Chavarin11 days ago
  • You don’t owe anyone an apology or justification; it’s totally exciting to see you do a wide variety of projects with different vibes. :-) I think you may just be a little anxious about introducing us to the real RM (as you’ve mentioned in other vids) and I guess what I’m getting at is, we’re here and down for the ride, including the rest stops and scenic explorative “detours” along the way. 💙

    soffiegirl1027soffiegirl102711 days ago
  • girl we love you. your content is great, be proud of it! no apologizing next video for doing what makes you happy. xx

    Emma BeattyEmma Beatty11 days ago